Dance Dance Revolution

Students participating in the theme of “Highlight the Night” with bright colored rings that glow and black clothes that deflect the black light. courtesy of


Students participating in the theme of "Highlight the Night" with bright colored rings that glow and black clothes to deflect the light.  Courtesy of
Students will participate in the theme of “Highlight the Night” with bright colored rings that glow and clothes to deflect the light.
Courtesy of

It is time to break out the neon clothes, Superga sneakers, and Party City decorations because dance season has arrived. At Convent of the Sacred Heart, a lot of work goes into creating a fun dance that both genders will actually attend. Senior Head of Social Shelby Holland, along with school administrators, works behind the scenes to ensure that each dance is a success.
Shelby recently formed the Social Committee for the 2013-2014 school year. The Social Committee consists of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who contribute ideas about themes, decorations, and food for upcoming school dances. This group of girls is the driving force behind Sacred Heart’s formal dances such as Silver Ball and junior and senior prom.
The Social Committee meets during break or lunch to brainstorm ideas. For this year’s first dance, the committee chose between Halloween, USA, and neon themes.  According to senior Amy Lafleur, neon was the clear-cut winner.
“I am so excited for the upcoming school dance,” junior Emma Church said, “I already bought my outfit.”
Shelby and the rest of the Social Committee have decided to call the event “Highlight the Night.” It will take place November 15 and all students are asked to wear white or bright colored clothing to the event. The Social Committee will provide food, drinks and black lights.
“Candy, chips, soda and water will be provided. We also voted on what sodas we wanted to have,” senior Angela Jaramillo, Social Committee member, said.
The Social Committee decides what schools to invite to the dance. This year, the committee invited schools from both Westchester County and New York City, including Iona Prep, Fordham Prep, Regis, Brunswick, Fairfield Prep, and Xavier.
However,  it is not all about attending schools, decorations or themes. Assistant Dean of Students Ms. Maura O’Grady takes care of the safety aspects of the dance.
“I call the police in case anything happens. It is for security reasons,” Ms. O’Grady said.
Students of all grades seem to be excited for the event. The theme promises to be a big hit and the Social Committee hopes to get the year off to a good start. 
“I am very excited for the dance, I think it will be very fun and worth all the work,” sophomore Lilly Morriss said.
– Maddie Caponiti, Staff Writer