Alumnae immerse themselves in work abroad


Olivia Caponiti '23

Alumnae explore the world beyond King Street.

After their time at Sacred Heart Greenwich, two alumnae have taken advantage of global opportunities following graduation from college.  Miss Lucy Alderson-Smith ‘16 explored both the familiar and new aspects of London, England for the first time this year.  Miss Madeline Church ‘15 lives and works in Curl Curl, Australia.  Despite COVID-19, these former students have gained real world experience in careers beyond American borders.

Miss Alderson-Smith graduated from Colgate University in May 2020.  Shortly after, she began work at AlphaSights as part of the client services department.  AlphaSights is an internationally-based company that provided the opportunity for Miss Alderson-Smith to work out of the company’s London office.  Miss Alderson-Smith reflected on her job at AlphaSights and the decision she made to pursue a career abroad. 

Miss Alderson-Smith plans to begin working in-person at the AlphaSights office in London, England.  Courtesy of

“I decided to move to London because I wanted an opportunity to break out of my comfort zone, but also to learn a little bit more about my British roots as I am a dual US/UK citizen,” Miss Alderson-Smith said.  “I have absolutely loved spending time in London over the years, and thought it would be a new and exciting way to begin my life and career after college.  Also, I studied abroad in Copenhagen in college, and absolutely loved everything about my experience living there.” 

Similarly, Miss Church chose to explore the world beyond the United States.  Upon graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2019, she made the decision to move to Australia.  Although she only planned to stay for a year, she decided to continue living in Australia because of how much she enjoys the the lifestyle the country has to offer.

Miss Church believes that her travels to Australia is just the beginning of other international endeavors.  Her next endeavor is to teach English to young children in Costa Rica

“From a young age, I knew I was going to follow a different path than everyone else,” Miss Church said.  “I grew up hearing stories from my parents about how they traveled the world when they were in their twenties.  I don’t know if that is what inspired me or if the travel bug is genetic, but I am very curious and eager to learn about different cultures and travel the world.  I know Australia is just the beginning of my many travels.”

Miss Alderson-Smith has a drive for travel and exploration.  She expressed her excitement about living in the United Kingdom.

“I loved the idea of pushing out of my comfort zone, whilst still having family and friends in the city when I need the comfort of home,” Miss Alderson-Smith said.  “I also have grown up spending many summers in the UK, and I absolutely love the culture and history that London has to offer, so this really excites me too.”

Miss Church is also a tennis coach in Sydney.  In addition, while living in Australia, she discovered new passions and interests, such as photography and videography, that she may want to pursue as a career in the future.  As COVID-19 travel restrictions have ended in Australia, Miss Church plans to explore the borders to Western Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.  She spoke about her new lifestyle and how it has changed her perspective.

Miss Church discovered her passion for photography while living in Australia.  Courtesy of Miss Madeline Church ’15

“Australia is equipped for backpackers/travel seekers,” Miss Church said.  “Most of the parks and nature reserves have free grills and public bathrooms you can use.  I had never gone camping, properly.  Now I am going almost every other weekend.  I have definitely discovered a new appreciation for nature and wildlife.  In addition, I have discovered a new passion for photography.  I don’t leave my house without my drone and camera in hand.  I definitely see myself pursuing a career in photography/videography.”

Both Miss Church and Miss Alderson-Smith are unsure about where their paths will lead them in the future, however, with their passion for travel, they plan to figure out these plans as they experience life.  Miss Alderson-Smith commented on her relaxed approach to this uncertainty of life.

“I truly do not know my plans for the future at this point,” Miss Alderson-Smith said.  “For now, I guess I am just going to wait and see where life takes me.”

Miss Church shared her insight on how her travels have impacted her as a person.  Through traveling, she believes that she has broadened her horizons and pushed herself to discover the unknown.

“Traveling may not be for everyone, but it has taught me a lot about myself,” Miss Church said.  “In order to grow, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable and step out of what feels comfortable.”

Featured Image by Olivia Caponiti ’23