Confessions of the Class of 2021


Lindsay Benza '23

Emma Rose Connolly ’21 confesses her sins before the end of the school year.

I climbed onto the roof during Spanish class and walked around.

Freshman year, I did so poorly on a final that after grading it the teacher found me, hugged me, and recommended that I drop the class.

I found free lunch passes and used them the entire year because I wasn’t on the lunch plan.

For the first half of freshman year, I only knew about the bathroom in the mansion, so whenever I had to go to the bathroom I would walk there no matter what part of the school I was in.

Sophomore year, I didn’t want to use the showers after basketball practice, so I would wash my hair in the sink and dry it in the hand dryers.  It worked well.

In junior year, I made it to last period in my sweatpants.

When I am running late or have a free first period, I park in front of the fields and not in the senior lot.

I rang the Chapel bell at 12 a.m. during Kairos.

It was my bagel that set the terrible toaster fire of 2018.

During Kairos, a group of us snuck out of the core center late at night to go ghost hunting.  I fell backwards against an open locker and it accidentally slammed shut.  Everyone freaked because they thought it was a ghost, and we all ran to the bathroom to hide. But, all the senior leaders were in it and we got busted!  What’s ironic is that the ghost hunting was my idea and I’m the reason we were busted.

In Theology class, we were asked to do a presentation on a morally good person.  I chose Chance the Rapper.

I spend the majority of my free time in the music rooms in the mansion.

In junior year, I dropped a mercury light bulb on the floor in the science research room, and we were forced to evacuate for several days.

I didn’t take my water bottle out of my backpack once during sophomore year Chemistry.

Ms. O’Grady told us to put our backpacks in the core center so no one would get hurt in the hallways.  I then tripped over a backpack in the core center and sprained my ankle and thumb.

I live-streamed the field hockey championship game against GA and didn’t catch the winning goal on camera.

I’ve taken the elevator every day to broadcast since freshman year.

During junior year, I tried to scare Mrs. Crowley with one of my classmates.  We jumped out from behind her desk and shouted “Boo!” as we thought we heard her coming into her office.  It was not, in fact, Mrs. Crowley who we scared, but one of the maintenance men who was innocently coming to collect the trash.  

I’ve never left school for lunch.

In Mrs. Crowley’s morally good person assignment, I was going to do Reyana Lappots until I found out that was not allowed.

I have never attended one field day since freshman year.

Featured Image by Lindsay Benza ’23