“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Cailin Gordon ’22 and Kaitlyn Langer ’22

Why were you inspired to start the Hunger Awareness Club at Sacred Heart Greenwich? 

“We were inspired to start this club through one of our previous Ethics projects in which we researched the topic of hunger and the effects it has on certain age groups, specifically children and the elderly throughout the United States.  Along with Ava Cobb and Grace Gasvoda, we researched possible solutions to this issue and one we came up with was to raise awareness through a club.  Mrs. Bader provided us with many resources and ideas to shine a light on food insecurity in our community and ways we can help combat it.  We all felt hunger was an incredibly prevalent issue, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, so we initiated the Hunger Awareness Club here at Sacred Heart.”

What are your current initiatives and how will you enact them under COVID-19 protocols?

“Our club is pretty new, so we are still working on implementing our ideas and coming up with ways to help others.  One initiative we’ve been working on recently is a partnership with Meals on Main Street, an organization in Port Chester, New York, that receives donations of food from various places, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and schools and then re-distributes the food to people who are facing food insecurity.  We are working with the kitchen staff to collect extra lunches and donate them to Meals on Main Street, so they can give them to those who need them.  Because of COVID-19, we limit the amount of contact during delivery and ensure the food remains sanitized and safe.  One benefit is that all the meals from the school kitchen are pre-packaged, so when they go out for distribution, they are already portioned-out meals.  Before spring break, we met with the executive director of Meals on Main Street, Mr. Bill Cusano, to brainstorm several ideas for how we can advertise and benefit his organization.  We are now members of the advisory board which involves representatives from several other schools.”

What is your favorite part about volunteering with Hunger Awareness Club?

“Our favorite part about volunteering with the Hunger Awareness Club is being able to see the impact we have on the community. Hunger is an issue that affects every part of the United States, even places like Fairfield and Westchester counties, where it is sometimes overlooked.  We love teaching about the depth and significance of a large-scale issue like hunger and collaborating to come up with solutions that can help fix this problem.  Spreading awareness to other schools that can follow in our footsteps and hopefully decrease the number of people facing hunger is also really amazing and gratifying.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks juniors Cailin Gordon ’22 and Kaitlyn Langer ’22 for their contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”