Seniors and eighth graders pay tribute to their mothers at the annual Mother Daughter Liturgy


Madison Hart '24

Sacred Heart Greenwich celebrated the Annual Mother Daughter Liturgy October 20 in honor of Mater Admirabilis.

The Sacred Heart Greenwich community gathered in prayer and reflection for the feast day of Mater Admirabilis to honor their mothers at the annual Mother Daughter Liturgy, October 20.  During the ceremony, eighth grader Torin Witek and senior Maddie Wise offered reflections on the love and appreciation that they have for their mothers.  The senior Madrigals performed Slipping Through My Fingers as a tribute to their mothers with assistance from Miss Annette Etheridge, Middle and Upper School Music Teacher and Upper School Music Director.  Father Richard Murphy, Associate Pastor of Saint Michael the Archangel Parish in Greenwich, Connecticut, the celebrant of the liturgy, shared a homily about the special bond between mother and child.

The liturgy occurs during October, the month of Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus, to represent the sacred and noble vocation of motherhood.  Each year, this event provides an opportunity for Sacred Heart students to express their appreciation the for maternal figures in their lives.  This year, the Mother Daughter liturgy landed on the feast day of Mater Admirabilis, a universal tradition of the global Sacred Heart Network.

Sacred Heart celebrates the feast day of Mater Admirabilis with traditions, including the presentation of pink roses to the mothers of the senior class and a pink doughnut goûter.

Father Richard Murphy shares his homily at the Mother Daughter Liturgy.  Courtesy of Sacred Heart Communications Department

Traditionally, both Upper and Middle School students attend the liturgy with their mothers.  In compliance with coronavirus restrictions, only members of the senior and eighth grade classes and their mothers attended the service in person.  The rest of the Sacred Heart community attended the event virtually via Zoom. 

In Father Murphy’s homily, he reflected on his relationship with his mother.  He spoke about her role and impact in his life,  specifically her guidance and support.  He then made connections between the special bond he shares with his mother and Jesus’ relationship with Mary, the Mother of God.

Maddie expressed her gratitude for her mother’s unwavering support during the struggles she endured at her previous school in her reflection.  She discussed how the difficulties they encountered only strengthened the bond between them.  These adversities helped Maddie realize that her mother would always be there for her. 

“While she was tirelessly trying to offer support and help me, all I did was continue to push her away,” Maddie said.  “Part of me wanted to think that I could get through it all on my own, but, Mom, not once did you ever give up on me.  With all that was changing in my life, you remained a constant, sticking by my side through each challenge, even when I seemed to be unaware of it.”

Maddie Wise ’22 reflects on her relationship with her mother.  Courtesy of Sacred Heart Communications Department

Maddie shared how her mother’s unconditional love inspires her every day.  She compared characteristics that she believes her mother embodies to those of Mater Admirabilis.

“Your willingness to drop everything in your own life and offer unconditional love for me is admirable, and a quality of you that continues to inspire me each and every single day,” Maddie said.  “In the same way that Mater does, you offer a purity of heart and commitment toward the things you love.” 

Senior Sarah Augustine and her mother, Mrs. Kim Augustine, attended the liturgy.  Sarah has been a student at Sacred Heart for 13 years and has attended many Mother Daughter liturgies with her mother. Mrs. Augustine recounted the annual ceremony and explained why it is significant to her.

“This is such a special event for me,” Mrs. Augustine said.  “I look forward to attending each year because it’s a time where we can reflect and be together and really focus on the community of Sacred Heart and each other.”

Featured Image by Madison Hart ’24