“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Sra. Montserrat García

What is your favorite aspect of Voices?

“The best part is to work with the students and to help them in the process of producing the magazine.  I enjoy seeing how the students work jointly, exchanging ideas and thoughts in producing the magazine.  It is also very rewarding to see the final result of their creative work (combining art and literature) in the form of the magazine.” 

What makes Voices different from other literary magazines?

“It is a multi-language magazine in which all the languages taught at Sacred Heart are represented, that is what makes the magazine different.  It is a place where the creative mind could be expressed in another language besides English.  Also, the magazine also publishes works in language that is not taught in the school, but our students speak, due to their heritage, giving these students the opportunity to express their creativity in their language of heritage.”

Why do you think recognizing other cultures or languages is important?

“Recognizing other cultures gives us the opportunity to learn about others, and to learn about others is the best way to understand each other.  Learning another language opens the door to learning about another culture, and the possibility to view things from a different perspective.  This gives us the opportunity to be more open-minded, respectful, and accepting of others.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Sra. Montserrat García, Upper School World Language Teacher and Network Exchange Coordinator, for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”