Alumnae come home to give the Class of 2022 advice and encouragement


Courtesy of Sacred Heart Communications Dept.

Ms. Dimitri ’16 and Ms. DeConcini ’18 visit the senior class, March 9.

Sacred Heart Greenwich alumnae Ms. Alex Dimitri ’16 and Ms. Christina DeConcini ’18 visited the Class of 2022 March 9.  Ms. Dimitri and Ms. DeConcini shared lessons they learned at Sacred Heart that informed their respective career paths.  Both Ms. Dimitri and Ms. DeConcini were students in the Media Studies and Journalism programs at Sacred Heart and utilized the skills they learned on King Street while studying at Syracuse University and New York University (NYU), respectively.  

Ms. DeConcini ’18 is a Film Unit Intern at SNL.  Courtesy of

Ms. DeConcini is a senior at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  She will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Film, Cinema, and Video studies in May.  In addition to her studies at NYU, Ms. DeConcini works as a Film Unit Intern at Saturday Night Live (SNL) in New York City, New York.  As an intern, she reads scripts, watches the filming of the show, and assists the editors and producers as they prepare the completed show for airing each Saturday at 11:30 p.m.

Ms. DeConcini began attending Sacred Heart in 2013.  She was the Senior Class President from 2017 to 2018 and served on the student council for four years.  She was also the captain of varsity soccer and varsity lacrosse.  At the 2015 Sacred Heart Film Festival, Ms. DeConcini won first place in the Public Service Announcement category and second place in the Documentary category.  In addition to hosting the 2018 Film Festival, she won first and second place in the experimental category.

After studying broadcast journalism for four years at Sacred Heart, Ms. DeConcini is exploring different aspects of filmmaking while in college.  At NYU Tisch, Ms. DeConcini works in fashion, script reading, and film production.

“The good thing about film is there is really no right or wrong path with it,” Ms. DeConcini said.  “I worked at a fashion magazine my sophomore year while at NYU, and from there, I have worked in almost every other area of film.  I’ve worked in development which is basically script reading, and then I moved into production and began to work on commercials through a remote internship.”

Ms. Dimitri graduated from Syracuse University in 2020, where she majored in English Textual Studies and minored in Marketing.  While at Syracuse, she was a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and was part of the Women’s Network, which helps connect recent female alumnae, according to  In 2019, Ms. Dimitri worked at Sard Verbinnen & Co, a crisis communications Public Relations firm.  After her college graduation, she shifted her field of work to focus on the cryptocurrency business.  She currently works at Menai Financial Group, where she began in July 2021. 

Ms. Dimitri currently works with BlockCoin at Menai Financial Group. Dylan Drury ’22

During her time at Sacred Heart, Ms. Dimitri served as Managing Editor for the King Street Chronicle.  Her experience on the staff of the newspaper inspired her to continue exploring the field in college.

“Journalism at Sacred Heart really enhanced my focused on what I wanted to do post-graduation,” Ms. Dimitri said.  “One of the surprising things I learned when I joined the workforce is that a lot of the employees were either history or English majors.  Both of these majors give you core skills that are applicable no matter what industry you are in.”

Ms. Dimitri graduated from Sacred Heart in 2016.  She was a member of the varsity rowing team, the co-head of the Red Cross and the Healthy Hearts Club, and a Kairos Retreat leader.  While visiting the Sacred Heart Class of 2022, she emphasized the value of a Sacred Heart education.   

“My mom was a lifer at Sacred Heart Greenwich, so I feel like the way that she raised me had a lot to do with the way that she was educated at Sacred Heart,” Ms. Dimitri said.  “It is one of the most unique experiences, going to an all-girls school, and I feel very lucky to have had that.”

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