Student council instills a sense of community at the Spring Fling


Isabella Nardis '24

Freshmen and sophomores build community at the Spring Fling.

The Sacred Heart Greenwich sophomore and freshmen classes celebrated the beginning of spring with the first annual Spring Fling.  The dance took place Friday, April 8 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the Dubois Gym.  Executive Head of Social Caroline Hisler, Sophomore Class Treasurer Ashley O’Meara, and Freshman Class President Morgan Sfreddo hoped the Spring Fling would allow community to blossom among students. 

Underclassmen smile together as they celebrate the early days of spring.  Courtesy of Caroline Fouts ’24

The executive student council worked to foster camaraderie within the underclassmen while planning Spring Fling.  Including both freshmen and sophomores was the first decision the executive board took to reach this goal.  Caroline commented on the reasoning behind the inclusion of both grades.

“A decision that we made that builds community was the idea of including both the freshmen and sophomore classes,” Caroline said. “Initially, we planned for this dance to just be for the sophomores because they missed Vincents last year.  However, we soon found out in late November that it was canceled for this year’s freshmen, so we decided to include both grades.”

The planning process involved frequent meetings between the different grade levels.  This collaboration brought the freshmen and sophomore student councils closer as they met more often than usual.  Ashley shared that collaborating with freshmen allowed the sophomore student council to develop new skills.

“This spring, working with the freshman student council has helped us, the sophomore student council, to develop leadership and communication skills between ourselves and other grades,” Ashley said. “The collaboration was a really exciting opportunity because we were able to plan a dance for our grades, which has been even more fun after not getting to have dances for a while.”

The sophomore and freshmen classes enjoy the Spring Fling.  Courtesy of Amy Walsh ’25

With guidance from the executive board, the freshman student council worked alongside sophomores to select a precise level of formality in terms of attire, decorations, and food.  There was also a collaborative effort in the decision to have a DJ, a photo booth, and tables.  These tables aligned with student council’s emphasis on building community by allowing guests to sit down and have conversations with one another.  Rather than having a formal dinner, student government opted to give out desserts, allowing attendees to relax and talk, or stay dancing and mingling.

Seniors attended the dance to take photos and spend time with the underclassmen to promote inter-grade bonding.  Faculty members served as chaperones, displaying the community effort of the Spring Fling.  Morgan reflected on how the dance brought the freshmen and sophomores closer together. 

“I truly had the best time,” Morgan said. “Having both sophomores and freshmen there strengthened our inside community and also helped us to develop new relationships with some of the boy schools.  I think everything went perfectly, and I am confident that this dance will be used to foster even stronger connections between grades in the future.

 Featured image by Isabella Nardis ’24