Seniors offer guidance to freshmen in the peer leadership program


Charlotte Burchetta '22

The peer leadership program at Sacred Heart Greenwich fosters relationships between the freshman and senior classes.

In alignment with the 2022 Student Council academic year theme, Ohana, senior peer leaders offer advice to current freshmen to help them transition to the Upper School.  Seniors Joi Almonacy and Alexandra Hannett and freshmen Lily Carroll and Caroline McKeown discussed how the program strengthens the relationship between the two classes.

Senior peer leaders share their wisdom with their group of freshmen.  Helena Randolph ’24

Each peer leadership group meets once every eight-day cycle and typically consists of three seniors and six freshmen.  The program allows freshmen to begin high school with a close-knit group of their peers who can offer support.  Senior leaders dedicate their time to helping the freshman class navigate the Upper School.  They also work to establish a comfortable setting where freshmen can ask questions and voice their concerns.  Lily remarked upon how Peer Leadership has aided her adjustment to the Upper School.

“The peer leadership program has welcomed me into the Upper School because I am a new student,”  Lily said.  “It was nice having familiar faces.  It was a safe and easy environment to talk about what was going on.”

As in-person classes resumed, establishing a close school community became especially important.  Joi discussed the bond she formed with the Class of 2025.  She enjoyed guiding new students.

“I have been able to connect with underclassmen in a way that I was not able to do before,” Joi said.  “It is important because even with our small community, it is easy to pass by and not know who people are.  I was able to make more friends and have a group where I was able to express myself and talk about different things.”

The senior and freshmen class participate in activities to get to know each other throughout the year.  Claire Moore ’22.

The senior peer leaders spent the year facilitating bonding experiences and activities with their groups.  Caroline admired the seniors’ willingness to connect with the underclassmen.  She discussed the games her group played, including one where students had to throw a ball and answer the question on which it landed.  Caroline believes that the activities were helpful ways to meet her peers.

In addition to helping guide freshmen, Peer Leadership enables seniors to act as the leaders of the student body.  Alexandra reflected on the significance of connecting with the younger students at Sacred Heart.  She was grateful to provide others with the support that her peer leaders granted her as a freshman.

“I joined Peer Leadership because I remember my freshman year when I had Peer Leaders,” Alexandra said.  “It was a good resource for me to question seniors who were not judgmental.  I wanted to be that resource for my freshman class.”

Featured image by Charlotte Burchetta ’22