“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Charlotte Fallon ’22

As the role of Vice President, what is your favorite aspect of your position?

“My favorite part of being Vice President is being able to play a role in leading the Upper School.  I especially love leading Compliment Tuesdays every week, as they are a fun and simple way to bring the Upper School community together.”

What advice would you give to future Vice Presidents?

“For future Vice Presidents, I would say to have fun with the role.  Try to maintain the classic traditions of Vice President and student council, but also try to make some of your own.”

What will you miss most about Student Council next year?

“I have been on the Student Council three out of the four years of high school, so it has definitely played a big part in my Sacred Heart experience.  I will miss working with people in my grade and other grades and just creating a fun atmosphere in the high school.  I loved planning events like homecoming, the dodgeball tournament, and so much more that brought the school community together.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Charlotte Fallon ‘22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”