“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Emilia Bernal ’24


What influenced you to intern with With My Own Two Hands?

With My Own Two Hands is an incredible non-profit organization.  My mom grew up with one of the organization’s founders and influenced me to intern with them.  She and other members told my mom that they were searching for interns, and my mom knew that my sister, Martina, and I would be the perfect fit for this role.  In the first meeting, I remember learning more about my mother’s friend, Mrs. Juliana Vélez, and her mission as a member of the organization.  I was completely moved by what she accomplished and all she had done for the community.  The organization strives to create a more equitable world in Kenya.  Its mission inspired me to promote change, be a leader as a teenager, and spread awareness while learning more about global conflicts.”

What was your favorite memory during your time with the organization?

“My favorite memory was when the organization invited my sister and me to attend their film screening in California.  What is so special about With My Own Two Hands is that they create films highlighting their progress as an organization and then present those films to large communities.  One summer, my family and I flew out to California to be part of their mission of creating a memorable and impactful scene for different communities.”

What are you looking forward to in your following summers with the organization?

“Initially, we planned to make a trip to Kenya, Africa, but due to the pandemic, the trip did not follow through.  Now that the pandemic is over, other interns and I hope to travel to Kenya.  I am excited to visit Kenya to see first-hand the organization’s impact.  My sister and I fundraised $3,500 to supply a greenhouse to African communities that lack water and resources and sustainable agriculture.  Something unique about this organization is that the greenhouse in Kenya has my last name and the other donors to the cause.  It is so special that I not only am part of the organization but also see the change through film screenings and hopefully in person too.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Emilia Bernal ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”