12 Days of Christmas – Day 6


During the 12 days until Christmas break, the King Street Chronicle will again present staff favorites from the holiday season.  This sixth edition will not include six geese-a-laying, but beloved Christmas songs, memories, recipes, movies, and crafts.

Song:Feliz Navidad” performed by Mr. José Feliciano.

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Recipe: Melted Snowman Cookies

Total Time: 30 minutes

Quantity: 24 cookies


  • A round and flat store-bought or homemade cookie
  • White chocolate chips
  • Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Orange sprinkles


  • Melt the white chocolate chips in a microwave.  Take them out after 30 seconds and stir.  Repeat until fully melted.  Spread melted white chocolate over the base cookie to resemble melted snow.
  • Add the mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to the melted chocolate.  Cut the cups in half to create a hat and brim.
  • Decorate the face with chocolate chips for eyes and an orange sprinkle for a nose. 
  • Allow the cookies to set for about 20 minutes.
Courtesy of foodtalkdaily.com

Movie: Deck the Halls 

Steve (Matthew Broderick), suburban dad and Christmas enthusiast, finds a wrinkle in his well-ordered existence with the arrival of his new neighbor Danny (Danny DeVito).  Danny has big dreams and plans to illuminate his house with enough holiday lights to make it visible from space.  Not to be outdone, Steve declares a war of one-upmanship with Danny that threatens to drag the Christmas spirit through the slush,” courtesy of rottentomatoes.com.

Courtesy of modpodgerocksblog.com

Craft: Santa Mason Jar


  • A mason jar
  • Red tissue paper
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • A black glitter ribbon
  • Gold glitter paper
  • Three black buttons
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife


  • Clean the mason jar with soap and water and let it dry.
  • Cut the tissue paper into multiple squares.
  • Apply Mod Podge Satin on the jar.  Then, lightly apply and smooth out the tissue paper.  Repeat with additional pieces.  Work one portion of the jar at a time until tissue paper covers the entire jar. 
  • Let the jar completely dry before moving on.
  • Cut a piece of the black glittery ribbon to fit around the middle of the jar.  This will be Santa Claus’ belt.
  • Cut a square of the gold glitter paper using a craft knife to create the buckle on the belt.
  • Adhere the ribbon to the mason jar with craft glue.  Leave a little gap between the edges of the ribbon to leave room for the buckle.
  • Glue the gold buckle in the gap.  Add a piece of the glittery black ribbon to the middle of the gold square to make the buckle look more realistic.
  • Glue two buttons above the belt and one below.
Courtesy of Helena Randolph ’24

Memory: Helena Randolph ’24 

“Every year I spend Christmas with my family in Vermont.  My favorite tradition is cutting down a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  Normally there are no available trees, so we handpick one in the woods.  It is a fun tradition because it is so hard to find the perfect tree with the right height and minimal gaps, and we usually end up with a really funky-shaped tree.  It also is enjoyable because the sun is normally beginning to set as we pick out a tree, and there is a lot of snow.  We always find one at the same small farm stand and proceed to buy apple cider.  I couldn’t image a Christmas without picking out our tree as a family, or one without the breathtaking views in Vermont.”

Featured Image by Giada Coviello ’24