“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Bridget McGrath ’24


How do the A Ca-Bellas differ from the Madrigals?

“A Ca-Bellas and Madrigals provide students with very different opportunities and experiences.  For example, in A Ca-Bellas, we are more attuned to each other as a group because each person’s role relies on someone else’s.  It is also vital that we are all in sync with one another.”

Why did you join the A Ca-Bellas?

“I joined the A Ca-Bellas because I’ve always loved music, and as an A Ca-Bella, I can be more versatile.  Singing a capella is also a great way for me to experience very different roles in music, in turn expanding my horizons and making me a more well-rounded musician.”

What are you most looking forward to in the annual Christmas concert?

“I’m most looking forward to the finale because the whole school comes together to collectively sing a joyful and nostalgic song.  I think the Christmas season is a time to unite with those around, and by doing so by song is a personal way to connect with my community.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Bridget McGrath ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”