“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Ashley O’Meara ‘24


What sparked your passion for baking?

“I started baking at a very early age, even before I can remember.  I always helped my mom bake sweets in the kitchen, and as I continued through lower school I started to bake on my own.  I would always watch Youtube videos of my favorite baking content creators and started to try out their recipes by myself.  At first, I was in love with baking cupcakes and cakes and would bring them to my classmates at school as well as family members to try.  As much as I loved the taste of baked goods, the reason I fell in love with baking and continue to bake now is that baking is very therapeutic.  I enjoy being able to plan out and execute an idea in the kitchen and then see the smiling faces of the people enjoying the sweets.”

Why did you decide to extend your hobby into a business?

“In middle school, I wanted to further my baking passion so I started with a baking company called Brilliant Baking by Ashley.  In that business, I would bake whatever people ordered, whether it was cupcakes or even cinnamon rolls.  I gained experience selling my products but when I got to Upper School, I decided I wanted to change my baking business into a not-for-profit.  That year I stopped Brilliant Baking by Ashley and started The Cookie Project.  I started The Cookie Project to help underprivileged people and grow my passion for baking and business.”

What inspired you to introduce Club Cookie Project to the Upper School?

“My club, Club Cookie Project, aims to help students become involved in running a small not-for-profit business.  Every member is able and encouraged to have their own role in The Cookie Project and share any ideas they may have on how to help change and grow the business.  I want members of Club Cookie Project to share in my passion for baking and business, and I know we all hope that by selling large cookies, The Cookie Project will be able to raise money and help local communities with food insecurities.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Ashley O’Meara ‘24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”