The show will go on for two seniors in the fall


Camila Oliva '24

Seniors Madeleine Abramson and Molly Kriskey bring their theatrical talents with them to college.

As their time at Sacred Heart Greenwich comes to an end, two seniors will follow their theatrical dreams in college.  Madeleine (Maddy) Abramson plans to major in theatre at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, specializing in production design, and Molly Kriskey will attend Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU Tisch) in New York, New York.  Maddy and Molly described how their participation in drama productions at Sacred Heart Greenwich influenced their study of theater. 

Before she discovered her love of theater, Maddy’s family introduced her to the arts.  One of Maddy’s first memories was going to see musicals with her family.  When she entered first grade, she participated in school theater productions during grade-wide assemblies.  Now a senior, Maddy expressed how she developed her passion for theater throughout her life.   

Molly and Maddy perform in the cast of Our Town.  Courtesy of Ms. Danielle Gennaro ’05

“When I first started doing theater it was required,” Maddy said.  “It was a required assembly that each grade would do, it was cute but it was never very serious.  That was where it started and I’ve been going to theater productions since I was very little, like the earliest I can remember is going to see The Lion King with my family.  It was forced onto me, and I know most of the time when something is forced onto you, you don’t really want to pursue it but it worked out for me in this case.”

When Maddy entered the Upper School at Sacred Heart, she joined the drama elective to expand her knowledge of theater through backstage production.  As a result, her theatre classes influenced much of her experience in her four years of high school.  Maddy, now a dedicated member of the Sacred Heart theater program, reflected on how her experience at Sacred Heart widened her perspective on the dramatic arts. 

“Being in this theater department, in plays, in musicals, and also in class, has really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on the theatrical world,” Maddy said.  “I really got into it doing the behind the scenes work, the creating of the universes, in the set design, the costume design.  I will say that the most influential person in that is Miss Gorman, my theater teacher, who is constantly pushing me to do what I like even if I don’t know how to do it, and figuring it out on the way.”

Molly’s passion for theater grew when she first started watching plays and musicals.  She then became involved in community theater.  After being involved in the theater program in the Upper School, Molly explained how her theatrical knowledge developed with the help of Miss Michaela Gorman ’05, Upper School Theatre Teacher and Director of Theatrical Productions. 

Molly stars as Emily Webb in the play Our Town.  Courtesy of Ms. Danielle Gennaro ’05

“The theatre program at Sacred Heart Greenwich is excellent,” Molly said.  “Miss Gorman is such an incredible, patient, and knowledgeable teacher and I have learned so much about acting and theatre production from her.  I also think that the productions are such an incredible experience.  The production team is always so helpful and supportive, and watching them has helped me learn so much about theatre and the countless aspects of it that should be considered and focused on.”

The Sacred Heart theater program allowed Molly to learn more about drama as she performed in many plays and musicals.  Through these shows, she discovered the complexities of putting on a theater production.  As her senior year comes to an end, Molly reflected on her favorite production in which she participated.  

“My favorite production was probably Into the Woods here at Sacred Heart,” Molly said.  “I loved the part that I got to play, the witch, and I find the music and characters in that show so layered and interesting.  This show is also one that has so many moving parts and characters which made it an exciting production to put on!”

As Maddy completes her final year at Sacred Heart, she explained why she recommends students to participate in the program. 

“I really recommend people get involved in the theater department,” Maddy said, “because it’s such a beautiful and amazing community of really kind people, and if you want to try something new, everyone will be there for you.”

Featured Image by Camila Oliva ’24