Senior superlatives


Molly Geisinger ’15

Molly Geisinger '15
Molly Geisinger ’15

Whether over the span of four years or fourteen, the members of the class of 2014 know each other better than they might think. These are the seniors, voted on by their classmates, who best fulfill the idea of superlative:
1. Most likely to come in late to school to get the best parking spot:
Sydney Walker
Runner-up: Alondra Cabrera
2. Most likely to marry her high school sweetheart:
Madison Sirabella
Runner-up: Stephanie Mellert
3. Most likely to wear her uniform in college:
Regina Ferrara
Runner-up: Helen Ziminsky
4. Most likely to host the Oscars:
Sydney DeVoe
Runners-up: Paige Wilkens and D’Nea Galbraith
5. Most likely to have her own Lifetime movie about herself:
Paige Wilkens
Runners-up: Audrey Moukattaf and D’Nea Galbraith
6. Most likely to compete in the Olympics:
Colleen O’Neill
Runner-up: Mo Leitner
7. Most likely to be the President of the United States:
Christie Huchro
Runners-up: Tara Hammonds and Stephanie Mellert
8. Most likely to be in the next Step Up movie:
Allison Bornstein
Runner-up: Angela Jorge
9. Most likely to make it to the “Popular Page” on Instagram:
Allison Bornstein
Runner-up: Margot McCloskey
10. Most likely to be trending on Twitter:
Amy Lafleur
Runner-up: Paige Wilkens
11. Most likely to become a meteorologist because of her accurate snow day predictions:  

Janice Comer
Runner-up: Regina Ferrara
12. Most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize:
Tara Hammonds
Runner-up: Christina Paolicelli
13. Most likely to beat the game “2048”:

Jane Mikus
Runner-up: Mimi Dunn
14. Most likely to be the next Picasso:
Maggie Ellison
Runner-up: Abby Smith
15. Most likely to bring her horse to college:
Megan Winkhaus
Runner-up: Isa von Habsburg
-Compiled by Molly Geisinger, News Editor