Humans of Sacred Heart – Ms. Maura O'Grady


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“If I were a Sacred Heart student, I would like to be involved in giving back to others. I would do Midnight Runs because once you go on one, you realize how many people have nothing. There are six stops and when you arrive at the second stop and there are no more socks to give to these homeless people, it’s heartbreaking. There’s nothing left to give out to these poor people, who are anxiously waiting for us at the other stops. At Sacred Heart, I would have a drive once a week for people to bring in socks, underwear, and warm clothing for the homeless in the city. Those poor people. Have you ever gone on one? It will open up your eyes. We are out of everything by the first stop. They just want to be warm.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Upper School Assistant Dean of Students Ms. Maura O’Grady for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.” 
Compiled by Alice Millerchip and Sarah Jackmauh, Co-Content Editors