Humans of Sacred Heart – Grace Sutherland ’16


Humans of Sacred Heart - Grace, Lucy, Aggie
Why are you so excited about the seniors angel tradition? 

“I am so excited about the seniors angels tradition because I have been at Sacred Heart since I was four. Ever since I was little, I always thought about what it was like to be up there on stage and sing in front of everyone. I have waited my turn so patiently for 14 years and today was the day I have been waiting for.”
Why did you choose to dress up as a triple angel with Lucy Alderson-Smith (left) and Aggie Ryan (right)?
“Aggie, Lucy and I are some of the only lifers left in our senior class. We uniquely understand spending our entire lives at Sacred Heart, and we will have that bond forever. We have remained the best of friends since age four, and now that we are all 18 we were finally able to dress up.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Grace Sutherland for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
– Compiled by Alana Galloway, Content Editor and Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor