Humans of Sacred Heart- Erin Cleary '18


What did you think of Congressman Mr. Jim Himes’ presentation Monday? 
“I thought that Congressman Himes’ talk was a great example to the students at Sacred Heart of how to involve yourself in today’s governmental decisions, ultimately making a difference in shaping our future.”
What is a story about you that no one knows?
“When I was six, I went to my favorite place, Disney World. It was around Christmas time, and I was so excited to see the tree when you first walk into Magic Kingdom. I wanted to get an even closer look, so I stuck my head in between the bars. Before I knew it, my head was stuck and I could not get my head out of the bars. I panicked, but soon enough, the park rangers came with tools to help widen the bars so I could pull my head out.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks sophomore Erin Cleary ’18 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor
-Compiled by Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor and Alana Galloway, Content Editor