Guide to Greenwich – Flavored Coffee


In this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I traveled through the local area to taste some new sweet and flavorful coffees that are perfect for the autumn season.

The salty and sweet Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. Karina Badey ’19

The first stop was Starbucks, located conveniently in the middle of Greenwich Avenue. Upon entering, some customers sat enjoying the atmosphere of the café, while others busily came in and out. After waiting in line, I decided to try one of their annual seasonal drinks.
I ordered a Grande Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino for $4.95. This tasty coffee includes toffee nut syrup and mocha sauce. The barista blended all of the ingredients together with ice, making for a thick, ice cream-like beverage. To top it off, she added whipped cream and decorated the drink with a swirl of caramel sauce and sea salt topping. Overall, the drink was a perfect combination of sweet and salty.
Karina Badey ’19

Despite the café’s popularity, my coffee still arrived in a timely manner, its uniquely delicious taste unwavering. 
The Granola Bar
The Granola Bar’s delicious Nutella latte.
Karina Badey ’19

Next, I traveled to the top of the avenue and arrived at The Granola Bar. There were people spread throughout the eatery, gathering around the counter, dining at tables, and waiting at the take-out area. Despite the densely-packed restaurant, the hostess seated me immediately.
I ordered their original Nutella latte for $4.50. My waitress explained that as the weather gets cooler, this latte becomes a very popular choice among their customers. The drink came out quickly and with a fine presentation, containing a small heart print in the coffee.
Karina Badey ’19

This option contained the perfect ratio of chocolate to coffee, creating a different yet delectable warm drink. It is the perfect combination for coffee lovers and those with a sweet tooth. Once again, The Granola Bar has proved to be a phenomenal place to dine.
Tazza’s sweet iced vanilla latte.
Karina Badey ’19

Lastly, I ventured out of Greenwich into Armonk to go to Tazza Café. This popular café is located in the center of town near other restaurants, shops, and salons. Because of the busy area, people filled the store, working, chatting, and enjoying their daily coffees. 
Tazza’s large menu consists of coffees, iced teas, and even smoothies. They also serve a wide variety of food such as muffins, cookies, and sandwiches.
When I reached the beginning of the line, I decided to try their iced vanilla latte for $4.75. This drink was ideal: refreshing, energizing, and sweet. The vanilla flavor did not overpower the coffee and perfectly accompanied one of their chocolate chip cookies.
Karina Badey ’19

After considering all of the tasty coffees, The Granola Bar’s Nutella latte was the winner for this month’s edition of Guide to Greenwich. This option was creamy, sweet, and warming. It is the perfect November drink.
-Karina Badey, Arts and Entertainment Editor