Gun control solutions go beyond nation-wide restrictions

In the wake of recent mass shootings, Americans’ increased focus on gun control policies has ignited a national conversation among politicians, media sources, and families of victims. Yet, state and federal legislatures have taken little action since the increase in mass shootings has come into the public spotlight. President Barack Obama passed a law package in response to the 2016 Pulse Orlando mass shooting, which is a step in the right direction. Yet, these preventative laws are not always effective.  
Viewing the gun violence issue as merely a defect in the national gun legislation is not the answer. Any attempt to resolve gun violence should begin by instilling a sense of responsibility in all gun owners. Local programs that address gun safety and risk assessment are a proactive solution that will positively impact the future of gun violence prevention. Reinforcing the severity of the consequences of opening fire on the innocent could deter further shootings from happening. 
Legislative restraints against a gun’s ammunition capacity such as those Mr. Obama proposed are intuitive, but not always helpful. The transposable nature of guns allows for the addition of individual ammunition pieces. Additionally, the quick reloading of a gun defies any constraint on the type of magazine, according to Vox.
Hundreds of people attend the Alabama Gun Collector Association Summer Gun Show in 2013 to purchase guns.
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Restrictive laws are ineffective unless coupled with a program to emphasize the necessity of responsible gun ownership. After many attempts to amend the laws, it is reasonable to conclude that the root of the problem actually lies in lack of gun safety education.  
For instance, recreational gun use is more prevalent in certain areas, such as rural communities, according to In such communities, especially in the south and midwest, there is a greater tendency to own guns because of cultural influences.
“There are states in the country where there’s a lot of hunting and outdoor activities.” Former special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Mr. Sam Rabadi said, according to CNN. “There are also areas where you have a higher population of collectors.”
Therefore, the solution to gun violence must be culturally-centered. Each state’s government must address its unique needs and gun culture with local firearm safety education and training, and pass gun control laws at its own discretion.
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No state requires training on basic gun operations or safety unless the gun owner is in a profession that requires the use of a gun, according to lawcenter.giffords.orgThis means that the process for obtaining a driver’s license, which requires individuals to take drivers education courses, is more rigorous than that of purchasing a gun, according to
Obtaining a drivers license requires an effective preliminary educational process that a new gun safety protocol can mirror.
Creating a federally-required program for all states ensures that people who attempt to own a gun are properly equipped with the knowledge of how to safely possess and operate a firearm does not create a barrier to American freedom. Instead, it will affirm that the right to purchase and own a gun comes with the responsibility of maintaining and handling the weapon safely
74 percent of gun owners see the right to own guns as integral to their sense of liberty, according to Yet this belief should not be an obstruction to living in a safe country.
74% of gun owners believe owning a gun is essential to freedom.  Courtesy of
Although there is a deep partisan divide in the debate about gun control regulation, a solution requires a unified approach to enact positive change. American citizens should value the lives of their fellow citizens before the right to easily purchase guns. Therefore, preventing mass shootings requires a greater sense of action among the media, gun owners, and local governments
If no change occurs, gun violence will continue to worsen. The proposed solution of creating harsh laws that completely outlaw the sale of guns will likely upset many and only cause further discord. Yet, it is not an option to avoid passing any regulatory laws; continued gun violence will only take more innocent lives. Therefore, this complex issue requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses local needs. Local gun safety programs that target gun violence at the source are an effective, proactive solution that will prevent a further increase in gun-related fatalities and mass shootings.
-Nina Rosenblum, Opinions and Podcast Editor