"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Charlotte Sheehan '18


What type of project did you work on while on the New Orleans Service Trip?
“The organization St. Bernard Project assigned our group to a house just outside of New Orleans in Violet, Louisiana. Our house was destroyed in Katrina but was so hastily rebuilt afterward that it became infested with mold and was deemed uninhabitable. Our group spent all four days priming, painting, and installing WonderBoard in the newly constructed house.”
What is one thing that you learned from the experience?
“Something that I learned from my time in NOLA was the power of hope and resilience. Thirteen years have passed since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and there is still an immeasurable amount of work to be done in order to restore stability in this lively city. Katrina took over a thousand lives and wiped away entire communities, but it did not break the spirit of New Orleans; if anything, it brought people together. Every resident that I encountered while completing my service in NOLA had something in common: an appreciation for the intangibles in life.”

What was your favorite aspect of the trip?
“My favorite aspect of the trip to New Orleans was connecting with the people that I met during our time there. We were warmly welcomed into the Duchesne House for Volunteers by Sister Bonnie and Sergio who offered great insight to the city of NOLA as well as the aftermath of Katrina. We were lead by patient and kind-hearted volunteers working for the Saint Bernard Project named Hannah and Andrew. They worked alongside us in the hot Louisiana sun, eager to lend a helping hand or share a laugh. We encountered friendly locals of NOLA in various cafes or shops who were quick to share their experiences after Katrina. Lastly, we connected as a group as we rode a roller coaster of emotions ranging from exhaustion to gratitude and anywhere in between, together, during our time in New Orleans.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Charlotte Sheehan ’18 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor