Seizing each day of senior year

As leaders of the King Street Chronicle and enthusiastic members of the Class of 2019, we are excited to welcome you to a new year of growth and leadership. As seniors, we ring in another academic year of spirit and celebration as we don our pink polos and display our posters throughout the Upper School. At the start of this exciting year, we look forward to using our privilege to lead the student body as models of eloquence, grace, and responsibility.

The Class of 2019 has already fulfilled many senior-year traditions, including signing the window of the core center.
Daisy Steinthal ’19

As members of the senior class, we appreciate our newfound authority and the opportunities that Sacred Heart Greenwich gives us each day. Senior Emma Butler, Student Body President, chose this year’s theme of “Carpe Diem,” or seize the day, to reflect our appreciation. The mantra challenges all Sacred Heart students to live by example and to embrace all opportunities to sustain the intellectual curiosity that we have as educated young women.

“This year, we will reflect and acknowledge the women who have come before us, and we will extend our knowledge without borders. We will be curious, ask questions, fail, ask more questions, succeed, and learn from our mistakes,” Emma wrote in her welcome letter to the student body.  “I encourage you to think about what you can contribute, how you can stretch your arms out to others, and how you can take each day with your whole heart.”

The theme echoes this year’s school-wide focus on Goal Two, “educating to a deep respect for intellectual values.” We Sacred Heart students employ a myriad of incredible tools for learning inside and outside of the classroom. This year, it is our goal as a student publication to showcase the deep-seeded passion for the pursuit of knowledge throughout our community. 
We plan to lead the King Street Chronicle staff through this school year with a “Carpe Diem” mentality.  We strive to represent how Sacred Heart students seize each day by showcasing their work in our community and beyond. In doing so, we hope to utilize our leadership roles and influence in the King Street Chronicle to further serve our staff and our readers, and we hope to bring the student body even closer together among all grades and interscholastic activities.

The Class of 2019 shows their pink pride on senior day.
Courtesy of Ms. Rachel Zurheide

Therefore, we have decided to develop the King Street Chronicle this year to parallel the passion, determination, and energy we see in each Upper School student, and especially in the senior class. We will be expanding our social media presence on our existing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and with our new Snapchat account.  We plan to use our online platform and the school’s resources to the fullest of our ability by utilizing new technologies such as our 360-degree video camera and advanced live streaming equipment.

As we begin a new year of curiosity, commitment, and community, we hope that you will all join us in reading this year’s King Street Chronicle.

Featured image by Daisy Steinthal ’19