"Humans of Sacred Heart" the Class of 2019 over the years

Over the years, the King Street Chronicle has featured many students of the Class of 2019 in its weekly column “Humans of Sacred Heart.”  Here is a compilation of previous seniors featured in “Humans of Sacred Heart.” 

Emma Butler ’19
Why did you run for class president and what are your plans for this year?  What do you like about being class president?
“I wanted to run for class president because I wanted to try out something a little different from the Committee of Games position I took on last year.  This year, my goal for the Class of 2019 is to have a great start to the next four years we are going to spend together as a class.  The student council has a lot of exciting surprises for the freshman class in the next couple months from dances, to apparel, to the class cookie exchange, and we can’t wait to announce them soon.  My favorite part about being class president is that I get to listen to ideas that girls are really passionate about, and bring them to life.”

Erin Quigley ’19
What is it like preparing for the play?  Is this your first high school play?
“It’s been really fun.  I’ve never been in any of the school’s plays before, but I am definitely going to do it again next year.”

Julia Veber ’19
Why did you run for White Team Captain?
“My mom said she would buy me a new phone if I ran for white team captain.”

Olivia Wise ’19
What inspired you to wear this outfit for today’s spirit week theme of “Wacky Wednesday?”
“I dressed up like this for Wacky Wednesday because it is a crazy costume that I wore for Halloween in seventh grade and it fit perfectly to the attire of today’s spirit week theme.”

Ryan Smith ’19
What is a fun fact about you that others may not know?
“I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  I have read all the books and seen all the movies.  I have not been to Harry Potter World yet, but I am dying to go.”

C’Meijah Donaldson ’19
What is your favorite Christmas song?
“I listen to the Justin Bieber Christmas album a million times a day, but my favorite song is his version of ‘The Little Drummer Boy.’”

Sara Micciulli ’19
What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
“Being on national television.”

Nia Foster ’19
How do you feel about getting your Mater Medal?
“When I first received my Mater Medal at the Mother-Daughter Liturgy, I saw the words “ora pro nobis” and had recognized that it was Latin and decided to look it up.  It means “pray for us,” which relates to all of us.  I felt so in contact with Mater.”

Ellarie Talgo ’19
Are you excited to be a sophomore next year?
“Yes, I am excited to be a sophomore next year, especially because I am looking forward to our grade becoming even closer and all the new classes.”

Grace Danahy ’19
What is a story about you that no one knows?
“I used to horseback ride when I was younger.  One time I was jumping with my horse Mary-Jane at a horse show and, as we were about to go over the jump, I fell off.  I landed right under Mary-Jane in front of the jump.  I thought she was going to land on me, but she ended up moving her hoof just in time.  Instead, she landed on my thigh, leaving a lasting imprint.  I was so lucky that she moved her hoof in time.”

Anna Snopkowski ’19
What is something you absolutely cannot live without?
“I cannot live without the Food Network.  I love watching all the shows, especially Chopped.  I also enjoy making and eating some of the food I see on television.”

Sara Hecht ’19
What was this year’s Fall Play and which character were you?
“This year’s Fall Play was Pride and Prejudice.  I played Charlotte Lucas, the best friend of Elizabeth Bennet (Eliza).  She is a foil character to Eliza, as they have differing ideas about what marriage means and what the purposes of marriage are.  Charlotte is afraid for her future and therefore accepts the first person who proposes to her, even though she doesn’t love him.  Conversely, Elizabeth is proposed to three times before she finally accepts because she is seeking love.”

Hilary Hoover ’19

Where did you go on the lacrosse team’s spring break training trip and for how long?
“This past spring break we had the privilege to travel as a team to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.  The spring training trip is always a huge highlight of the season as it is an awesome opportunity to bond as a team, grow as players, and improve our skills.  While at IMG, we were able to focus on the total athlete by attending numerous sessions including nutrition, leadership, speed and agility, and strength.”

Bianca Massello ’19
What is your favorite class in the Upper School at Sacred Heart Greenwich and why?
“My favorite class in the Upper School at Sacred Heart Greenwich is Chinese.  At first, I was intimidated to take the language, but after I embraced the challenge I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned.  As Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, I felt as if it was a tool that I could use in the future, potentially for a future career.  My favorite part of Chinese is writing the characters I learn in class, helping me to further embrace the Chinese culture.”

Stephanie Beshoory ’19
What is something that you absolutely cannot live without?
“One thing that I cannot live without is Spotify.  Listening to music calms me down after an extremely stressful day at school and allows me to block out any distracting noises.  With Spotify, I can play any type of music that matches my mood, and it immediately brightens my day.”

Ludnie Rene ’19
Who rang you and what does receiving your class ring mean to you?
“My sister Nephthalie Rene ’18 rang me.  To me, the class ring is a symbol of the Sacred Heart sisterhood that I am so fortunate to be a part of.  It is an item that my class and I will forever cherish because it bonds us together.  The ring also means no matter where I go or who I meet along the way, I will always have a group of smart, independent women who I am proud to call my family.”
– Compiled by Christine Guido, News Editor
Featured Image by Christine Guido ’20