“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Nina Ferrucci ’21

Why did you decide to start your business?

“I first started baking about four years ago when my mother asked me to help her make some cupcakes for company coming to our house one day.  I thought it was a lot of fun and tried making some on my own for some of my mother’s friends.  I received really great feedback and started baking in my free time and gave the extra cupcakes away to family and friends.  Then, one day, a neighbor asked me if I could make a dozen cupcakes for her son’s birthday for pay and I said yes.  From there, the word spread of my little business and many other people ordered and enjoyed my cupcakes.”

What do you hope to achieve through your business?

“As time goes on, I hope to eventually expand my business into a storefront and bake cupcakes locally for a few years.  Then, my goal is to open more stores around the tri-state area and maybe eventually become national.  But as for right now, especially before and during college, my hope is to keep my demand minimal so I can simultaneously bake and focus on schoolwork without sacrificing my grades and social life.”

How has your business helped your community?

“When I first started baking, I was focused on learning and exploring new recipes and techniques but, as time went on, I thought about how I could use my talents to bring joy to other people.  For example, this summer, I donated over 200 cupcakes to the Weston Fire Department and a local Senior Citizen luncheon hosted by the Weston Firefighters.  In addition, I donated cupcakes several times to Don Bosco Community Center Soup Kitchen and provided catering services for a local business grand opening, a New York University gathering, a computer programming club at Holy Child, and several local holiday parties.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Nina Ferrucci for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”

Photo by Natalie Dosmond ’21