“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Alexa Choy ’20 and Christine Plaster ’20

How did you become involved in planning the Operation Med School (OMS) conference?

“After last year’s OMS conference, the co-president, senior Amélie Warneryd who attends St. Luke’s School, emailed Dr. Gremski asking if any of her students were interested in interviewing for positions on the OMS team.  Since we were co-heads of the Pre-Med Club, Dr. Gremski reached out to us and we wanted to apply.”

What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the conference at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“Our biggest challenge when planning the conference was the level of detail that it required to make sure that the day ran smoothly and was enjoyable for everyone.  From scheduling to registration to budgeting, we spent countless hours, along with the rest of the OMS team, discussing each and every aspect of the event.”

What do you hope that students gained from the conference?

“We hope that students were enlightened about the variety of career options that exist in the medical field.  Being interested in medicine does not necessarily mean that one needs to become a practicing physician, and within the category of medical doctors, there are a plethora of different routes one can take.  We also hope students were inspired by the speakers at OMS and want to follow in their shoes to achieve great scientific advancements for the future of medicine.  The goal of OMS is to give students the opportunity to explore their interest in medicine, meet mentors they can look up to in the field, and meet peers who want to pursue similar career paths.  Our hope is that students feel empowered by the conference to take this knowledge into the real world and start to develop a career path that they are passionate about.” 

The King Street Chronicle thanks seniors Alexa Choy ’20 and Christine Plaster ’20 for their contributions to “Humans of the Sacred Heart.”

Photo by Natalie Dosmond ’21