Homemade sector skyrockets in the 2019 Cookie Exchange


Christine Guido '20

The cookie stocks for this year’s Cookie Exchange were in high demand. 

Students shared a variety of baked goods at the 2019 Sacred Heart Cookie Exchange.  Christine Guido ’20

The opening bell of the Sacred Heart Greenwich Cookie Exchange rang December 9, marking the beginning of the two-day annual event in which Upper School students from each grade exchange baked goods and desserts.

The senior and junior trading market opened December 9, and the sophomore and freshman market opened December 10.  During both of these trading sessions, students swapped different goods ranging from chocolate chip cookies to raspberry bars

The three sectors of the cookie market are homemade, bakery, and store-bought.  This year, the reindeer sugar cookies made the most profit in the homemade sector.  Due to the enthusiasm for representing homemade goods, the store-bought and bakery sectors crashed. 

Carly Haines’s ’20 reindeer cookies were the highest rising cookie shares this year.  Christine Guido ‘20

Analysis reported that the senior class was a power player in the homemade sector.  Senior stockbroker Carly Haines’ reindeer cookies were the highest rising cookie shares. 

Carly released her initial public opening (IPO) this year at the trading.  Carly’s mom shared the recipe with her when she was younger and it became a tradition that Carly and her family bake the reindeer cookies every year.

“My mom found the recipe when I was younger,” Carly said.  “My family and I bake the cookies every year during the holiday season.”

On the NASDAQ board, the cookie stock, Saint Madeleine Sophie and Philippine 500 (S&P 500) reflects the emerging market movement.  On the trading floor, peppermint gingerbread cookies were the best performers on the S&P 500. 

As the closing bell rang December 10, cookie traders and dessert stockbrokers prepared for an even larger profit for next year’s 2020 holiday Cookie Exchange.

Featured Image by Christine Guido ’20