12 Days of Christmas — Day 11


During the twelve days until Christmas break, the King Street Chronicle will again present staff favorites from the holiday season. This eleventh edition will not include 11 pipers piping, but beloved Christmas songs, memories, recipes, movies, and crafts.





Song: A Holly Jolly Christmas” performed by Burl Ives. 

Courtesy of youtube.com


Recipe: Candied Popcorn Stars

Courtesy of countryliving.com
  • Total Time
    • 30 minutes 
  • Makes
    • Eight stars 
  • Ingredients
    • One cup of sugar
    • One cup of light corn syrup
    • One cup of water
    • Two tablespoons of butter
    • One-fourth teaspoon of salt
    • One teaspoon of vanilla
    • Eight cups of popcorn
    • One cup of red and green nonpareils
    • One-fourth cup of cinnamon candies
  • Steps
    • 1) Combine sugar and the next three ingredients in a heavy saucepan.  Cook over medium-low heat, stirring often, until butter melts and sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium; bring to a boil.  Cook, without stirring, until candy thermometer registers 255°F.
    • 2) Remove from heat; stir in salt and vanilla.  Quickly pour mixture over popcorn; toss gently to coat.  Add nonpareils, tossing gently to combine.
    • 3) Moisten or grease hands.  Working quickly, press the mixture into five-inch star-shaped cookie cutter.  If candied popcorn becomes too hard to shape, place in a warm (200°F) oven for a few minutes to soften.


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Movie: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

“Although this Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated film is technically just a TV special, it’s such a classic that it’s been aired every single year since it debuted in 1964,” courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com. 






Courtesy of akailochiclife.com

Craft: Color Blocked Wood Christmas Card Holder   

  • Supplies
    • Wood craft blocks
    • Acrylic craft paint
    • Painter’s tape
    • Paint brush
    • Gold sticker letters
    • Brass jewelry wire
    • Pliers
    • Thumb tack
  • Instructions
    • 1) Begin by taping off one corner of the wood blocks using the painter’s tape.
    • 2) Once the blocks are taped off, use the paint to cover the corners of each block.  Let the paint dry and then remove the tape.
    • 3) Now use the letter stickers to spell out any Christmas phrases or words on the blocks.
    • 4) Next take the brass jewelry wire and pliers and create the photo holders by bending the wire into a paper clip shape with a long tail.
    • 5) Finally, use a thumb tack to punch a little hole in the wood blocks and then insert the brass paperclip into the hole.  Repeat with all the blocks and then it is ready for holiday cards. 


Memory: Mr. John Martone, Upper School Theology and Senior Seminar Teacher

Courtesy of Mr. Martone

“One of my favorite Christmas memories occurred just a few weeks after the birth of my son Johnny, who was born at the very end of November.  My wife and I spent at least half an hour trying to pose with Johnny in front of our Christmas tree for our Christmas card.  He kept fidgeting and trying to grab on to the ornaments.  I believe that he was less interested in the ornaments themselves and more interested in pulling the tree down.  We had to hold him and try to look as merrily natural and at ease as possible.  I don’t think we succeeded, but every time I look at that card, I remember the experience.”


Featured Image by Caroline Baranello ’20