“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Grace Coale ’21

Why did you decide to fundraise for the coronavirus?

“In my Chinese class we have been following coverage of the virus’s growth and all the suffering it has caused to the people in China.  I decided with Lily Santangelo, my fellow club head of the Chinese Club, to research any organizations that are providing aid to the people in China affected by this awful situation.  From our research we found that the best way we could contribute would be to raise money to purchase various types of medical supplies to send to hospitals in Wuhan that are currently facing a supply shortage.  Due to this shortage of supplies, hospitals are forced to turn patients away untreated.  We were especially inspired to take action on the issue after seeing how it has affected the close friends of our Chinese teacher, Ms. Xian Zheng, and how scary that can be.”

How did you raise money to aid the coronavirus outbreak?

“For our fundraiser, we planned a civvies day for the Upper School.  Each student wearing civvies was encouraged to donate $5.  We are happy to report that the civvies day was very successful and that the donations will hopefully have a positive impact on the people in China.”

How do you think that other members of the community can help spread awareness about the outbreak?

“Other members of the community can spread awareness by staying informed while the situation is being monitored continuously.  Lily and I also hope to give a presentation in the coming weeks to the Upper School to show where the resources purchased through the funds donated went and how they helped.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Grace Coale ’21 for her contributions to “Humans of the Sacred Heart.”