Guide to Greenwich – De-Stress Locations


Dylan Drury '22

For this de-stressing edition of Guide to Greenwich, we searched for the best places to relax in Greenwich.

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we traveled to various places in Greenwich in search of the best place to de-stress.

Bistro V

Our first stop for relaxation was Bistro V, located on Greenwich Avenue.  Bistro V serves French cuisine and also has a pastry shop.  The aesthetic of the restaurant was inviting and appealing.  Bistro V serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and also delivers their food to customers through food delivery apps such as Uber Eats and GrubhubIn addition to its dine-in options, Bistro V has takeout options from their patisserie counter.    

Bistro V offers several options for a healthy and filling breakfast.  Dylan Drury ’22

We ventured to Bistro V for breakfast.  We took our seats right away, as the café was not crowded.  Soon after ordering, our waiter brought us our food.  We ordered the vegan-friendly Blue Bowl for $12 and the Avocado Toast for $11. 

The Blue Bowl consisted of Blue Majik spirulina, which gives the bowl its blue color, as well as banana, almond butter, almond milk, maca, and coconut, in the form of a smoothie bowl.  The bowl was tasteful and filling, making it a perfect breakfast.  Served on seven-grain bread, the Avocado Toast, topped with radish, frisée, onion, and tomato, in addition to avocado, was also a healthy breakfast option.  Both of the breakfast items we tried from Bistro V were appetizing, and also healthy.


Hill Top Nails

Our second destination to de-stress was Hill Top Nails, located in Glenville.  When we arrived, the main manicure room was rather empty, but the considerate and friendly staff made us feel welcome.  The peaceful atmosphere of the nail salon put us at ease.  

Hill Top Nails provide treatments for self-care, such as manicures, pedicures, and massages.  Charlotte Burchetta ’22

A single manicure at Hill Top Nails costs $15 and a pedicure costs $27.  Hill Top Nails also offers other treatments, such as massages and waxing.  We decided to get manicures, and although our service was extremely quick, the quality was average.  The fast pace of our treatments took away from the quality as we felt rushed, rather than relaxed.

Overall, our experience at Hill Top Nails was de-stressing because we benefited from the self-care, but we could have been even more relaxed if our manicures were not as rushed. 

Kaia Yoga

Our last stop was a yoga class, taught by The Yoga Center instructor, Mr. Deve Austin.  The Yoga Center, located on Pemberwick Road, is temporarily closed for maintenance, so their classes are currently being held at Kaia Yoga, located at The Mill in Glenville.  The studio is a short five-minute walk from Hill Top Nails, which makes it perfect for an afternoon of relaxation.

The Yoga Center currently holds a variety of yoga classes at Kaia Yoga.  Dylan Drury ’22

We chose to take a hot yoga class, which costs $24 per person for a single drop-in class, and $10 for high school students.  Our instructor was energetic, but also calming throughout the 60-minute session.  The yoga studio heats to 90 degrees for hot yoga classes. 

We were beginner yoga students entering the class, yet it was still a welcoming environment and we were able to keep up with the rest of the class.  In addition to hot yoga, The Yoga Center also offers HOT HIIT and hot meditation yoga.  These classes are currently taught daily at Kaia Yoga, by The Yoga Center instructors.


After visiting each location to de-stress, based on the customer service, the quality, the affordability, and the benefits, we concluded that yoga taught by The Yoga Center was the best place to de-stress.  After taking the class, we were able to relax and we felt that our yoga instructor was experienced and passionate.  The warm and friendly atmosphere in the studio felt welcoming and calming.

Featured Image by Dylan Drury ’22