Exchange students share stories of life during COVID-19 – Podcast

For this edition of King Street Conversations, we called Sacred Heart students from our sister schools around the world to discuss their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We spoke to Emilia Schumnik, a student at Gymnasium Sacré Coeur Wien in Vienna, Austria, Gina Duran, a student at Sagrat Cor de Sarrià in Barcelona, Spain, Paige Kelly, a student at Sacre Coeur School in Melbourne, Australia, and Lillie Murphy and Eva Cody, students at Mount Anville Secondary School in Dublin, Ireland.  Tune in to hear their stories during this unique moment in history.

Audio by Sydney Kim ’20, Sofia Pye ’21, Dylan Drury ’22, Claire Moore ’22, Libby Kaseta ’22, and Mary Dowling ’22

Featured Image by Sydney Kim ’20