Seniors study to teach the next generation


Caroline Baranello '20

Elle deAlessandrini ’20, Megan Farrell ’20, and Cameron Calcano ’20 plan to study education in college.

Three Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors plan to continue their studies in the field of education.  Seniors Cameron Calcano, Megan Farrell, and Elle deAlessandrini hope to replicate the teaching foundation they experienced at Sacred Heart in their college education and careers. 

Megan Farrell ’20 working to rebuild a home during the community service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2019.  Courtesy of Megan Farrell ’20

At Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, Megan will be studying Elementary Education.  Megan especially appreciates giving back to others.  In 2018 and 2019, Megan attended the annual Sacred Heart service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to repair homes damaged by natural disasters.  Megan also enjoys helping others with homework problems and additional school work. 

Megan is looking forward to helping underprivileged children during her time in college and creating strong relationships with students to ensure their success.  She attributes her passion for education to her teachers at Sacred Heart. 

“The reason I decided to pursue a career in education was the profound impact and formative experiences that my teachers at Sacred Heart have given me,” Megan said.  “Throughout my time at Sacred Heart in both the Middle and Upper School, I have been able to observe and be mentored by other teachers who have all inspired me to become a teacher and consequently pass on similar experience and knowledge to students my age.”

Elle joined Sacred Heart as a Barat Center student in 2005, and also plans to major in Elementary Education at the University of California San Diego. 

Throughout her time in the Upper School, Elle volunteered as a tutor and homework helper at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, where she helped children of all ages with school projects and assignments.  She has also worked as a camp counselor at Pathfinder Country Day Camp in Montauk, New York for the past four years.  This job provided her with experience working with children.

Elle’s desire to become a teacher came from her grandmother, who was a kindergarten teacher.  Through her community service, Elle realized how she can positively impact a child with educational support. 

Cameron Calcano ’20 working with a student at the Sacred Heart Summer Outreach Program.  Courtesy of Cameron Calcano ’20

“I specifically look forward to being able to make small impacts on the lives of children,” Elle said.  “I think that teaching is one of the most impactful jobs someone can have, because they have the ability to leave lasting positive effects on the lives of children long after they leave the classroom.  Many of the teachers I have had have definitely changed my life.”

Cameron is continuing her studies at Dartmouth College.  Although Dartmouth does not have a major in education, she plans to attend graduate school where she can obtain a Master of Education. 

Throughout her 15 years at Sacred Heart, Cameron has dedicated her time to community service that is centered around education.  Cameron volunteered with the Sacred Heart Summer Outreach Program and also works at the Don Bosco Early Childhood Bilingual Program.  In 2018, Don Bosco awarded Cameron the Don Bosco Youth Service Award

Cameron’s community service experience and the influence of her Sacred Heart teachers inspired her to study education in college.

“I have been guided to pursue education because of the many wonderful teachers I have had at Sacred Heart,” Cameron said.  “They have inspired me to want to teach young children the same way my Lower School teachers taught me.”

Featured Image by Caroline Baranello ’20