AP Environmental Science students learn about the impact of humans on the earth.

AP Environmental Science

The SophieConnect platform offers Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science, a unique science course, to students from the network of Sacred Heart schools.  The course allows students to learn biology, chemistry, environmental science, geography, and geology.

In choosing to take this course, Sacred Heart Greenwich students gain experience in the environmental sciences and grow as independent learners.  Seniors Emma Rose Connolly and Ursula Vollmer are AP Environmental Science students.  Emma Rose is interested in renewable energy, which is one of the topics discussed in the course.

“I decided to take a class on SophieConnect because I knew I wanted to take AP Environment Science,” Emma Rose said.  “Also, I knew taking an online class would be beneficial because, in college, I probably will take an online class.”

Online learning is non-traditional, and for some there is an instant appeal, while for others it can take more for them to adapt to a program like SophieConnect.  Mr. Karl Haeseler, Upper School Computer Science Teacher and SophieConnect Co-Founder, highlights the importance of online learning as it can connect students from different countries and backgrounds. 

“Students may not fully realize the benefits membership in the Sacred Heart Network of Schools provides until they experience it first hand,” Mr. Haeseler said.  “We believe SophieConnect plays an important role in fortifying our mission by expanding awareness of our international community and strengthening our values.”

Ursula enrolled in the class due to her interest in earth science.  She discovered the advantages of a SophieConnect class and found that she was able to adapt to the different environment.

“The only part that I feel is quite a big difference between SophieConnect and in person classes is the collaborative environment with other students,” Ursula said.  “In an in person class I loved working with my friends and getting to hear others’ answers to questions, but when everything is online, it is much harder to do.”

…SophieConnect plays an important role in fortifying our mission by expanding awareness of our international community and strengthening our values.”

— Mr. Karl Haeseler, Co-Director, SophieConnect

The AP Environmental Science class consists of a small group of Sacred Heart students and one student from the Sacred Heart School of Halifax in Nova Scotia.  This allows them to have weekly Zoom calls with their teacher, instead of only watching the video lessons.  Emma Rose’s favorite aspect of SophieConnect is her teacher who works at one of the Sacred Heart network schools.

“My favorite aspect of AP Environmental Science is the curriculum as a whole,” Emma Rose said.  “This class has helped me better understand the impact that humans have on the environment and what we, as humans, have to do to help the environmental issues we face in the world.”

Featured Image Courtesy of sophieconnect.org

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