AP Macroeconomics students develop an understanding of the principles of economics.

AP Macroeconomics

Advanced Placement (AP) Macroeconomics is a year-long SophieConnect course that prepares students to take the College Board’s AP Macroeconomics exam.  The course gives Sacred Heart Greenwich students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the principles of economics.  Over the course of the year, students learn about basic economic concepts, economic performance, national income, price determination, and the federal reserve system.

…I am learning about economics while instantly being able to apply my understanding to current events,”

— Hanke Govaert, senior

Seniors Delaney Coleman, Hanke Govaert, and Liv Lockwood are AP Macroeconomics students.  SophieConnect classes serve as preparation for the independence needed for college.  Students can find a balance that works for them in choosing to dedicate certain times to work on the assignments.  Delaney chose to take AP Macroeconomics because of the freedom it offers.

“My SophieConnect class differs from my other face-to-face classes because it is very independent, it is up to me to get my work done on time and to reach out to the teacher if I am struggling,” Delaney said.

Although the course allows for an enjoyable freedom, students ultimately choose to enroll in the course for its subject matter.  Hanke decided to take the class because of her interest in business.

“My favorite aspect of AP Macro is that, especially in the face of the pandemic, I am learning about economics while instantly being able to apply my understanding to current events,” Hanke said.
Above all, SophieConnect classes allow students to gain knowledge in a subject area to which they would not otherwise be exposed and to develop skills that they will need beyond Sacred Heart.

“I really enjoy AP Macroeconomics because it is unlike any class I have ever taken and I really feel like I am learning a totally new subject which is very exciting,” Liv said.  “It also talks about so many real world situations and problems that I hear about all the time, so I feel like it is helping me to understand the world and economy as a whole much better than I did before.”

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