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Kristin Morrow ’23 rehearses for the fall play, Much Ado About Nothing.

Theatre – Kristin Morrow ’23

Theatre is an elective and extracurricular offered at Sacred Heart Greenwich.  Every year, Miss Michaela Gorman ’05, Upper School Theatre Teacher and Director of Upper School Theatrical Productions, directs the fall play and winter musical.  Sophomore Kristin Morrow has taken advantage of the theatrical opportunities offered by the school.

This past fall, the Upper School students performed the play Much Ado About Nothing in an innovative way as the cast and crew adapted to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.  Instead of acting on stage, the performers rehearsed and recorded scenes outdoors while wearing masks and filmed additional clips via Zoom and FaceTime.  Using the same creative ideas, the Theatre Department is currently producing the musical Annie. 

Kristin discovered her passion for theatre at a young age.  During her time in the Sacred Heart Upper School, she has performed in productions of Matilda, Much Ado About Nothing, and currently Annie.  Kristin described how theatre is an escape from her busy schedule that allows her to focus solely on performing.

“When I am working in a show, I am able to take a break from the things that are happening around me, from the news, and from homework and schoolwork,” Kristin said.  “For the time that I am in rehearsal, none of that matters.  The only thing on my mind is the show, and whatever part of it I am rehearsing.”

Kristin highlighted how she enjoys performing and how theatre has acted as an outlet for her to display her love of the arts.

“The Sacred Heart Theater Program has given me a way to express my love for the arts,” Kristin said.  “I love singing and acting so much, and I am able to do those things that I love because of the Sacred Heart theater program.  It gives me the opportunity to do the things that I love.  I am able to express my creativity through making acting choices, and deciding how I will play the character that I am playing.”

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