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“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Claire Maher ’24

What inspired you to become involved in the Pine Ridge Club?

“I wanted to become part of the Pine Ridge Club because I think it’s an amazing thing that our school does to help the Red Cloud School.  Joining also gave me the opportunity to work more directly to support the Pine Ridge reservation population and I really wanted to become more active in not only our immediate school community, but also a community that greatly differs from ours.  Sacred Heart Greenwich does so much to help the Red Cloud School and being a part of the Pine Ridge Club allows me to see what I can do to help as well.”

Why do you think it is important to spread awareness about the needs of Native Americans?

“Native Americans, particularly the Lakota tribe in South Dakota, are immersed in their rich heritage and culture, which allows them to be connected with each other even if their needs aren’t always being met.  However, I think it is important to spread awareness about the issues Native Americans face because it is crucial that their culture and needs are validated and remembered.  Especially on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, there aren’t many resources around them to help with the struggles of poverty.  We are all very fortunate at Sacred Heart both in education and community and although we might live very different lives than the Lakota people, it’s important to recognize their needs and history.”

How does Sacred Heart Greenwich’s relationship with the Red Cloud School contribute to the students there?

“Sacred Heart’s relationship with the Red Cloud School contributes to the lives and education of the students in many ways.  Our community helps the Red Cloud school through fundraisers, civvies days, and more, giving access to things all Red Cloud students might not have living in poverty in South Dakota.  This allows students to receive a better education because we are able to provide them with resources, funds, and other materials that help them throughout their school years.  Sacred Heart also contributes to the lives of the students by making them feel recognized and heard.  Knowing that someone cares about their community and is helping them inspires a feeling of hope.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Claire Maher ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”

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“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Claire Maher ’24