“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Annie O’Connor ’22

What research will you be presenting at the CT STEM fair? 

“This year, I have expanded upon my water project, on which I collaborated with Abby Barnett.  Our research includes testing storm drain water and now incorporates a social justice component.  At the CT STEM Fair this year, I will be presenting a project entitled ‘Testing Water in Municipalities to Uncover Environmental Racism in Ethnically Vulnerable Communities.'”

How have you expanded your research since last year?

“Since last year, I have expanded my research to study the intersection between racial justice and science.  In light of different conversations around race, ethnicity, and social justice last summer, I felt it would be interesting to examine the correlation between water quality and environmental racism, which is a scientific movement that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years.  Because of COVID-19 restrictions, I have focused a lot on online resources and connected virtually with research mentors.”

What experience do you hope to gain from your experience at the fair?

“This year at the fair, I hope to obtain valuable feedback from the judges.  Although it is virtual this year, the CT STEM Fair gives me an opportunity to explain to adults in the scientific community why my research is important and hopefully teach them all something new about environmental racism.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Annie O’Connor ’22 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”