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World Language Week: Chinese class promotes environmental responsibility


Natalie Dosmond '21

For this year’s World Language Week, Sacred Heart Greenwich students from the Chinese, Spanish, French, and Arabic classes shared their work in the foreign language that they study.

For this year’s World Language Week, Sacred Heart Greenwich students from the Chinese, Spanish, French, and Arabic classes shared their work from their foreign language classes.  The Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture students began an environmental protection project, in which they created posters and signs to display around the school, encouraging students to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.  Senior Shay Newman wrote this article about the important of protecting the environment and spreading awareness within the school community.

保护环境很重要,因为我们想保护地球上的人和动物。保护环境,人人有责. 人们可以有很多方法来保护环境,节约资源。 比如说,你可以不用一次性餐具,带你自己的餐具, 请随手关灯 , 骑自行车,不开车. 行为会减少污染,保护自然,让我们的地球充满生机,充满绿色。 保护环境教人们尊重地球,因为地球有非常多的生命。从现在开始,我们应该教育自己,和做些小事来保护自然。

现在,我们正在学保护环境。 为了教我的同学们为什么保护环境很重要,我们决定做一些海报和标语来提醒我的同学们,我们都应该保护环境。 我们先选了环境保护最重要的问题,比如:节约用电和节约用水,回收垃圾,不乱扔垃圾。 我们再搜索了标语然后再和同学一起写和设计海报。 最后,我们会在学校贴这些海报,这样,我的同学们就可以看到了。

Students in the AP Chinese class created posters to promote environmentally-friendly practices.  Courtesy of Shay Newman ’21 and Grace Coale ’21

Environmental protection is very important because we want to protect lives on earth.  In truth, everyone is responsible to save the environment.  There are many ways to help protect the earth.  For example, you can bring your own tableware instead of disposable tableware, turn off the lights when you leave the room, and ride a bike instead of driving.  This behavior will reduce pollution, protect nature, and make our earth full of vitality and green.  Ultimately, environmental protection teaches people to respect the planet which sustains life. From now on, we should all try to educate ourselves and do small things to save nature.

Right now we are learning about environmental protection and to spread awareness in our school we decided to make some posters and signs to guide students to make more environmentally-friendly choices.  First, we picked the most prevalent issues, such as conserving electricity and water, recycling, not litter.  Then we researched slogans and made designs to put on posters in groups.  We are planning on displaying these posters around the school so everyone can see them.

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Shay Newman ’21 and Ms. Xian Zheng, Upper School Chinese Teacher, for their contributions.

Featured Image by Natalie Dosmond ’21

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World Language Week: Chinese class promotes environmental responsibility