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…Of the week – 9/26/2016

September 26, 2016
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Trend of the Week

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Fendi Spring Trend Wear

“Cute, cuddly, furry, lovable — these are all words that describe the Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 5.36.26 AMaccessory taking the fashion world by storm, the pom pom bag charm. Also known as a puff keychain or simply a puff, the little fluffy creatures are meant to be fastened to your handbag, tote or backpack for an added element of flare.” Text source: huffingtonpost.
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Photos: Marcus Tondo /    



Compiled by Emily Coster, Opinions Editor and Podcast Editor
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Book of the Week: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
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Written over forty-five years ago, The Outsiders is a dramatic and enduring work of fiction. S. E. Hinton’s classic story of a boy who finds himself on the outskirts of regular society remains as powerful today as it was the day it was first published.  –
Compiled by Pau Barbosa, Features Editor
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Recipe of the week: Frozen Blueberry Bites
Frozen blueberry bites are easy to prepare and serve as a healthy after-school snack.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: One hour freeze time
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Game of the week: 
After two pass interceptions by quarterback Eli Manning, the Giants lost to the Redskins by only two points, 27 to 29.  
Compiled by Grace Mather, Sports & Health Editor
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TV show of the week: 
Stranger Things
Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.54.22 AM
This new Netflix show took viewers by storm and instantly skyrocketed to the top of the chats. The show follows a mother from a small town in Indiana in 1983 whose son suddenly goes missing. The mother, played by award-winning actress Winona Ryder, launches an investigation into his disappearance with help from local authorities.  As the search for the missing boy begins secret government experiments, supernatural events and a strange young girl rock this small town.
Complied by Nadia Zuaiter, Social Media Content Editor and Co-Podcast Editor   
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Cute of the week:
Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.56.56 AM

Complied by Kristen Davis, Content Editor
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Quote of the week:
“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”
-Mark Twain
Compiled by Elizabeth Bachmann, Content Editor
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Destination of the week:    The Adirondacks
Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.59.46 AM
Located in Northern New York, the Adirondack Region consist of six million acres lined with various mountains and trails for hikers, bicyclists, and runners. Whether it is kayaking and canoeing or spending the day hiking, the Adirondacks offers an assortment of activities, while demonstrating the beauty of mother nature.
Compiled by Elisabeth Hall, Photo and News Editor

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…Of the week – 9/26/2016