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[es-box color=’styled’]Karina Badey Co-Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Karina is one of the 2018-2019 Editors-in-Chief and this year’s Managing Editor.  Last year she enjoyed working as the Art and Entertainment section editor, and is eager to step up as a leader this year.  Karina enjoyed continuing with the Guide to Greenwich series last year and is excited that new writers are continuing the tradition.  She is looking forward to working with the new editors and staff writers and bringing new changes to the King Street Chronicle.[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Daisy Steinthal Co-Editor-in-Chief[/es-box]
[es-box color=’styled’]Daisy is one of the 2018-2019 Editors-in-chief. This is her third year on the staff, and her second year as an editor. Working on the staff of the King Street Chronicle has been one of her favorite activities throughout her time in the Upper School, and she is extremely excited to leave her mark on the paper. Outside of the KSC, Daisy loves to work in the arts department both in the visual arts and theatre departments. She can also be found playing in the Bell Choir every Wednesday morning or baking “Bark” cookies for her friends and KSC classmates.[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Juliana Collins Content Editor – Articles[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Juliana has a strong passion for writing and editing articles for the King Street Chronicle. She loves covering all school events and especially enjoys writing about sports games. Juliana is very excited to be one of the Content Editors for this year’s newspaper. When she is not writing and editing articles she is meeting with her peer-leadership group and being co-captain of the rowing team.[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Shantel Guzman Content Editor – Articles and Livestream Manger[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Shantel has enjoyed her past two years on the King Street Chronicle and is excited to step up to the role of Content Editor and Live Stream Manager. She is looking forward to making her mark on the paper this year. She is also eager to work with all the new editors and staff writers. In addition to her work on the King Street Chronicle Shantel enjoys playing for the Sacred Heart Greenwich soccer team.[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Katherine Santoro Video Content and Photo Content Editor; Co-Features Editor [/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Katherine is excited to be the Video and Photo Content Editor and Co-Features Editor for the King Street Chronicle this year. In addition to being a member of the school newspaper, Katherine is also a leader in the Creative Filmmaking Class, and hopes to bring that knowledge to the King Street Chronicle. Outside of the classroom, Katherine enjoys rowing for the Sacred Heart crew team.[/es-box]
[es-box color=’styled’]Sydney Kim Opinions Editor[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Sydney is enthusiastic to be a part of the King Street Chronicle as the Opinions Editor this year.  She had an incredible experience last year, and is looking forward to working with the new staff writers as an editor.  Sydney enjoys finding new angles and stories within the school community and collaborating with her fellow reporters. When she is not writing for the paper, Sydney can be found in the music room or organizing her FIRST Robotics team.[/es-box]
[es-box color=’styled’]Christine Guido News Editor[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Christine Guido is eager to be serving as News Editor for the King Street Chronicle and enthusiastic about composing the weekly “Humans of Sacred Heart.”  Christine spent her summer attending the Journalism and News Reporting Institute at Georgetown University and traveling to Melbourne, Australia on exchange at Sacré-Cœur.  In her spare time, Christine volunteers at Neighbor to Neighbor and enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.[/es-box]
[es-box color=’styled’]Sydney Gallop Co-Features Editor[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Sydney had a wonderful first year writing for the King Street Chronicle and is excited to return this year as an editor. She loves finding new stories and presenting them in interesting ways for the school community to read. Sydney especially enjoys interviewing different students, teachers, and faculty at school and having a chance to learn more about them. Outside of the classroom, Sydney enjoys reading, baking, and playing field hockey and lacrosse.[/es-box]

[es-box color=’styled’]Caroline Baranello Arts & Entertainment Editor and Photo Editor[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Caroline is very excited to be this year’s new arts and entertainment editor and photo editor. She also has taken over the “120 Seconds With” segment, featuring various Sacred Heart faculty. She loves writing for the King Street Chronicle and is enthusiastic to start editing articles written by the new writers. When she is not writing for the newspaper, Caroline can be found on stage acting and singing in the play and musical. [/es-box]
[es-box color=’styled’]Amelia Sheehan Sports & Health Editor[/es-box][es-box color=’styled’]Amelia loves being a part of the King Street Chronicle. When she first started as a staff writer she had incredible mentors and she hopes to be the same for the new staff writers. Her main goal is to support the new writers and grow their confidence. Amelia plays lacrosse and soccer for Sacred Heart. Her love for sports, inspired her to become the Sports and Health Editor. She wishes to inform the community about the prestigious athletic program at Sacred Heart, and the benefits of staying active.[/es-box]
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