Best of 2021


Claire Moore '22

Take a look at the Editorial Board’s selection for the best pieces of 2021.

2021 was a year fraught with challenge, division, and change.  Beginning with riots and a presidential inauguration, culminating with COVID-19 vaccine administration and the guilty verdict of Mr. Derek Chauvin, and finishing with a surge in Omicron variant cases, citizens worldwide characterize 2021 as volatile and uncertain.  The King Street Chronicle staff has looked beyond personal biases to provide the school and digital community with accurate and informative news.  In 2021, the KSC accrued 89,009 page views, 8,117 new users, and four Best of SNO awards.  Please enjoy 14 of the best articles, videos, and podcasts from 2021, chosen by the 2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief

Most Viewed 

Acceptance, friendship, and identity in Disney Pixar’s Luca, by Caterina Pye ‘23: Luca holds powerful themes that translate into the current socio-political sphere. 

Caterina Pye ’23

Best Features

Local partnerships spread awareness on teen substance abuse, by Lindsay Taylor ‘24: Greenwich organizations collaborate to address the trend of substance use among youth. 

Courtesy of Ms. Ellen Brezovsky

Best News

Heightened competition and unpredictable results in this year’s college admissions cycle, by Natalie Dosmond ‘21: Mr. Jeff Selingo shares his insight on the unprecedented 2020-2021 application cycle with the school community.

Natalie Dosmond ’21

Best Opinions – Tie 

The need for presidential accountability to preserve democracy, by Ana López del Punta ‘23: Former President Donald J. Trump must face consequences for the January 2021 Capitol Attacks.

Courtesy of Mr. Pete Marovich

Progress must lead to permanent change, Leah Allen ‘22: The racial justice movement must advocate for lasting changes to systemic inequalities. 

Leah Allen ’22

Best Sports & Health

Learning through the eyes of sports broadcaster, Mr. Bruce Beck, by Dylan Drury ‘22: Mr. Bruce Beck shares his expertise in the field of sports journalism.  

Dylan Drury ’22

Best Arts & Entertainment

Examining racial tensions through a satirical lens in Such A Fun Age, by Claire Moore ‘22: Ms. Kiley Reid dexterously highlights white privilege and its multifaceted impact in her award-winning novel. 

Claire Moore ’22

Best “Humans of Sacred Heart”

“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Mr. Kevin Williamson, compiled by Caterina Pye ‘23

Best Art of the Week 

Art of the Week – “Breakfast with the Queen” – Jules Ingram ’22, compiled by Lé-Anne Johnson ‘21  

Best Interview Outside of the Sacred Heart Community

Insight from local author Ms. Tessa Wegert on the literary industry, by Claire Moore ‘22: Ms. Tessa Wegert imparts her knowledge of journalism and creative writing to young women. 

Courtesy of Ms. Hildi Todrin

Best Featured Image

Evaluating the relationship between mental health and athletics, by Lindsay Taylor ‘24: Athletes in and beyond the Sacred Heart Greenwich community navigate both mental and physical health setbacks. 

Lindsay Taylor ’24

Best Video

The Evolution of Taylor Swift, produced by Charlotte Burchetta ‘22 and Dylan Drury ‘22: Award-winning musician Ms. Taylor Swift’s career has transcended musical genres, spanning from country to alternative.  

Lindsay Benza ’23

Best Podcast – Tie 

Exploring the positive effects of art and literature on student learning, produced by Camila Oliva ‘24: The King Street Conversations focuses on the importance of art and literature in education. 

Camila Oliva ’24

Learning about representation and its importance through diverse voices, produced by Claire Moore ’22 and Gabrielle Wheeler ’23: The King Street Conversations advocates for representation within media, education, and politics. 

Gabrielle Wheeler ’23

Featured Image by Claire Moore ’22