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Two seniors plan to pursue dramatic arts beyond the Heart


Olivia Caponiti '23

Zöe Young and Charlotte Burchetta begin the next chapter of their careers in the arts.

As they graduate from Sacred Heart Greenwich, two seniors plan to continue their artistic pursuits in college.  Zöe Young will bring her talents to the New York University Tisch School of the Arts (NYU Tisch) next year, while Charlotte Burchetta will attend Chapman University, located in Orange, California.  They both participated in drama productions at Sacred Heart and credit the Theatre Department for its great impact on their creative aspirations.  

Zöe participates in a theatre production every year at Sacred Heart.  Courtesy of Zöe Young ’22

This academic year marks Zöe’s fifteenth year at Sacred Heart.  In fifth grade, she acted in her first school production, playing the role of Donkey in Shrek The Musical.  Following that performance, Zöe participated in a play or musical at Sacred Heart every year, continuing to foster her love of drama.  She also participated in the drama elective and sang for the Madrigals.  She described how Sacred Heart piqued her passion for theatre.  

“The Sacred Heart Theatre program is what sparked my interest in the world of theatre because I got to engage with different stories and transform into a variety of different characters in such a creative environment,” Zöe said.  “Theatre has so much to offer and through exploring that world I was drawn to the field of specifically acting and I plan to eventually focus on acting for film and television.” 

Charlotte came to Sacred Heart in her freshman year.  The first musical she participated in was Phantom of the OperaShe also worked on the tech crew for the 2019 fall production of Macbeth.  Charlotte then acted in the school performances of Matilda, Much Ado About Nothing, Annie, The Eumenides, and Into the Woods.  Charlotte, like Zöe, is a member of Madrigals and studies theatre in the drama elective.  Charlotte believes that she has learned vital lessons on King Street through her wide range of roles in the Theatre Department. 

“Sacred Heart has taught me the value of hard work, community, and collaboration,” Charlotte said.  “Whether in chorus, Madrigals, theatre club, or any of the shows I know that it is truly a team effort to make something beautiful.  Even on individual projects, there are always people that are there for new ideas and perspectives which I think is a really important part of any process.”  

In the Theatre Department, Zöe had opportunities for self-reflection, which allowed her to flourish as an actress.  With these skills, she has the confidence to continue her career beyond the gates of King Street.  Zöe explained how her passion for acting has prompted her to work hard to reach her goals.  

I wanted to pursue the arts in college because doing theatre has instilled in me a feeling of fulfillment and has gifted me in so many ways,” Zöe said.  “As cheesy as this may sound, I felt like it was something I was meant to do beyond the walls of the Sacred Heart community.  There was no reason to hesitate in the pursuit of something I knew I was passionate about and so that is what I chose to do, follow my passion and not worry myself about anything but that.” 

Charlotte also expressed her gratitude towards Miss Michaela Gorman ’05, Upper School Drama Teacher and Director of Drama Productions, as well as the student community for helping to cultivate her love for the arts.

Charlotte performs in her last Sacred Heart play, The Eumenides.  Courtesy of Miss Danielle Gennaro ’05

“Miss Gorman and her elective truly opened my eyes to a whole other world of this art and I guess I just fell in love with it all,” Charlotte said.  “I also participated in the plays and musicals at Sacred Heart whether that be in the cast or my one show on tech crew.  Other than the magic of creating a show, one of the most memorable aspects has been the community and the family formed as a result.  The atmosphere is so welcoming and fun, which I credit to every student who came before me, the current students, and Miss Gorman as our director, mentor, and biggest supporter.”  

As she prepares to leave King Street, Charlotte offered advice to all students interested in becoming involved in the program.

“To anyone considering joining any shows or just being a part of the arts department, definitely do it,” Charlotte said.  “Being a part of the plays and musicals has been such an influential part of my high school experience.  It has developed my passion for theatre and given me truly amazing friendships.”  

Featured Image by Olivia Caponiti ’23

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Two seniors plan to pursue dramatic arts beyond the Heart

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    Psalm WestMay 21, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Wow! This is another great article by the experienced Chronicle writer Olivia Caponiti. It was a pleasure to read about these two accomplished student-thespians. I am glad Sacred Heart Greenwich has a strong drama program to help these women develop their acting skills. I hope I see them on Broadway soon!