“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Vivi Caruso ’23


Why did you join the Women in Leadership Club? 

 “My friend and current co-head, Jenny Di Capua, started the Women in Leadership Club last year.  I decided to join the club to learn more about the struggles women experience in work and academic fields.  I really enjoyed the lectures given, which prompted me to become co-head of the club this year.”

What do you hope club members gain from their experience in your club?

“I hope club members gain insight into women’s easy and challenging experiences in different fields.  As co-head, I strive for students to learn how to overcome these difficulties as they are bound to experience them in the future.”

How do you think your club will impact the academic and social lives of students of the Sacred Heart?

“Since Sacred Heart is an all-girls school, I think it is important to hear about how women interact in co-ed environments and the challenges we must overcome.  This club aims to help students handle these situations and encourage them to learn how to interact with adults in a professional setting.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Vivi Caruso ’23 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”