Seniors endeavor to engage in engineering


Seniors Isabel Davenport and Ella Holl are eager about pursuing their engineering interests in college. They are both looking forward to learning more and further developing their knowledge for innovative real-world problem-solving.

Christine Guido ’20

Isabel will be attending the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her interest in engineering sparked when she was younger. She enjoyed being able to solve problems and apply formulas to everyday situations.
“Since I was younger, I have always been interested in science and figuring out how things work. However, I didn’t really have any idea of what I specifically wanted to do in college. In ninth grade, one of my favorite classes was Ms. Uglum’s physics class,”  Isabel said. “I loved seeing how formulas and rules could be observed in everyday situations and how we were challenged to use our knowledge to build the best possible solution to a problem.”
Next year, Ella will be attending Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  Ella’s enthusiasm for engineering began during the summer after her sophomore year.
“My interest in engineering was sparked by my strengths in math, curiosity in physics, as well as an engineering program I attended at the University of Connecticut the summer after my sophomore year,” Ella said.
Ella is interested in engineering because it requires her to collaborate and problems solve with real-world problems.
Christine Guido ’20

“I decided to pursue engineering because I enjoy the teamwork and problem-solving mindset that the field of study entails,” Ella said.
Isabel decided to continue engineering into college because of the many different job opportunities that relate to the field, such as software, design, environmental, and chemical engineering jobs.  
“There’s so much innovation going on right now in engineering fields, especially with the rise of space exploration as well as the need to find new sustainable energy sources,” Isabel said.  “Studying engineering in college makes it possible for me to possibly pursue a career in one of these areas of research, which I am very interested in.”
-Christine Guido, News Editor
Featured Image by Christine Guido ’20