“Humans of Sacred Heart” the Class of 2020 over the years


Over the years, the King Street Chronicle has featured many students of the Class of 2020 in its weekly column “Humans of Sacred Heart.”  Here is a compilation of members of the Class of 2020 featured in “Humans of Sacred Heart” in previous years.

Emma Caruso ’20

How do you feel about getting your Mater Medal?

“I feel more connected to Sacred Heart, and I also feel very complete.  I have been going to Sacred Heart for seven years now, and I have always heard about Mater and her significance to our school.  Now that I have finally received the medal, I feel complete with my journey of learning about her.  Now, I can take my knowledge of her and use it to help me through the medal.”

Avery McCloskey ’20

What is your favorite Sacred Heart Greenwich Christmas tradition?

“My favorite Sacred Heart Greenwich Christmas tradition is the cookie exchange because it brings the entire class together.  We spend time together and listen to Christmas music.  It really helps spread the Christmas cheer.”

Libby Trimble ’20

What was your favorite aspect of going on exchange?

“My favorite aspect was that the first week our exchange students had school and the second week they were on their midterm break, so I was able to see what their life was like inside and out of school.”

Zada Brown ’20

What is your favorite aspect of participating in the winter musical?

“My favorite aspect of participating in the winter musical is being able to immerse myself in a setting and a character that is very different from myself.  It’s really amazing how the entire cast becomes so dedicated to conveying this story and seeing the show really come to life on stage.  I also really love being able to perform for my classmates and teachers and show off the talent and creativity of the drama department, especially because this show is so different than anything we’ve done before.”

Malika Amoruso ’20

What inspired you to start a Jazz band at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“Mainly, I wanted to share my love of jazz with everyone at Sacred Heart as well as provide an opportunity for other musicians to play together.  For years I have wanted to have a band to play in that is separate from the orchestra and the choirs and, as jazz is such a fun and diverse style of music, I thought it would be a great idea.”

Daniella Tocco ’20

What was your favorite memory/learning experience at the School of the New York Times?

“My time spent over the summer at the School of the New York Times was a great learning experience and unlike any camp I had done in the past.  My favorite memory from this experience was having the opportunity to visit the New York Times building.  My personal favorite part about this tour was when we were shown the archives that hung on the walls of the building.  These archives provide a historical feel, as each section represented a significant time in our history.  There were notes from each president of the United States framed below past news articles.”

Caitlyn Mitchell ’20

What is this year’s Fall Play, and which character will you play?

“This year’s fall play is Macbeth.  It’s very different from previous shows I’ve performed because it’s a Shakespearean play.  I will be playing Macduff in this year’s play.  He is often considered the foil to Macbeth because while Macbeth is aggressive and uses violence to achieve his goals, Macduff acts justly and treats others with respect.”

Mae Harkins ’20

What did you and your family do this year for Christmas?

“This year for Christmas, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house.  Each year, we rotate who hosts Christmas, and my mom’s family gathers together.  It’s always a lot of people—two grandparents, 18 aunts and uncles, and 41 cousins.  Having so many people really makes our party so festive and fun, and it’s not often that all of us are together, so I treasure it especially when we are.”

Caroline Badagliacca ’20

Why did you decide to take Science Research?

“I decided to take Science Research because I hoped to look for practical ways to use my education.  The Science Research program at Sacred Heart has a reputation for allowing students to pursue problem-solving in an area of interest to them.  I hoped to use the program to gain knowledge, work with others who have research experience, and apply my knowledge in a meaningful way.”

Megan Farrell ’20

How many years have you done the service trip to New Orleans, and what prompted you to participate in the first place?

“This is my second year participating in the service trip to New Orleans.  I first decided to apply for the trip in October of 2017 because I was interested in understanding the effects of [Hurricane] Katrina and the humanitarian relief efforts in New Orleans.  Additionally, since I was not old enough to comprehend the magnitude and devastation that was caused by Hurricane Katrina when it occurred, I wanted to travel to New Orleans to understand what happened as well as help those affected.”

Isabella Gunningham ’20

What do you enjoy most about playing on Sacred Heart’s tennis team?

“What I love most about playing on Sacred Heart’s tennis team is being part of a team and making new friends.  Everyone is so inclusive and supportive when it comes to the sport.  During our matches, we cheer each other on and give pointers for improvements.  I am so lucky to be a part of the Sacred Heart community and especially the tennis team.”

Featured Image by Natalie Dosmond ’21