What seniors will miss most about Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors reflect on their fond memories at Sacred Heart as they prepare to end the academic year. As they move on to different environments, a few seniors share the moments and people from Sacred Heart that they will miss most over the upcoming years.
Senior Bridget Murphy shared that she will miss different members of the Sacred Heart community with whom she has grown close.
“The thing I will miss most is seeing my friends and my teachers here at Sacred Heart,” Bridget said. “I have become extremely close to many people in this community and it is going to be sad not seeing them next year.”
Similarly, senior Laura Holland expressed that she will miss the community at Sacred Heart, and she will miss recognizing so many faces in the hallways. Senior Elisabeth Hall agreed that she will miss the familiarity of Sacred Heart.
Senior Kate Ruberti shared that she will miss members of the faculty.
“Being here for 13 years, so many wonderful faculty members impacted my life and I will be forever grateful for all they have taught me,” Kate said.
Senior Sofia Caruso performs in the Sacred Heart Greenwich production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Courtesy of the Sacred Heart Greenwich Facebook.
Senior Sofia Caruso reflected on another aspect of her high school experience, saying that she will miss performing in Upper School musicals and spending time with the cast, and senior Stephanie Jordan noted that she will miss her underclassmen friends.
“What I will miss most about Sacred Heart are the underclassmen and the people who have shaped my Sacred Heart high school experience,” Stephanie said.
– Mae Harkins, Staff Writer