KSC Alumna Spotlight – Ms. Morgan Johnson ’17

What is the most important skill that you learned during your time on the KSC Staff?

“The most important skill that I learned during my time on the KSC Staff is that attention to detail is critical.  In journalism, getting even the most miniscule facts, abbreviations, or salutations correct can mean the difference between a successful and effective article and one that flounders.  While I had to learn this lesson the hard way a few times, it has been a skill that I have carried with me throughout my entire college experience, whether that be in the newsroom, in chemistry lab, or in applying to graduate schools.  Although the details can at times seem arbitrary and challenging to get right, the time and effort put into ensuring the facts are correct and each name is spelled right is worth the pride you take in your work in the end.  Another important skill that I learned during my time on the KSC Staff was teamwork.  There have been few other situations in my life where teamwork and clear communication are essential in getting a job done and getting it done right.  Even when conversations are awkward, you build perseverance and fortitude that makes future teamwork easier.  Teamwork on the KSC helped me produce some of my best articles and I credit my peers at the KSC with forming me to be a better writer, leader, and colleague.”

How have you continued your interest in journalism after graduating from Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“After graduating from Sacred Heart Greenwich, I continued my interest in journalism by working for the news section of Notre Dame’s student newspaper The Observer.  I worked for The Observer up until my senior year because of time constraints I have with being a Resident Assistant this year.  My time on The Observer taught me a lot about independent research and being an advocate for myself in the newsroom.  I often had to choose to persevere when the publication of my article was pushed back until the next day, students would not respond to me, or when I would have to write an article in the span of a few short hours.  The deadlines are much quicker than they are at the KSC.  Often, you would have about 2-4 days to write a piece and get it in tip-top shape rather than going through an extensive editing process with your section editor than can take up to 2-3 weeks with the KSC.  This pushed me to make sure the time I had with my interviewees was meaningful and substantive and that my writing was clear cut, to the point, and effective.”

What piece of advice would you give to the current and future KSC Staff?

“The advice that I would give to the current and future KSC Staff is to be persistent.  Roadblocks and hardship are inevitable.  However, you have the power to respond in a way that is going to rectify the situation.  What about the angle of your story has to be changed?  How can you make your lede better?  You have the choice to succumb in the face of adversity or rise to meet the challenge.  I hope you choose to rise.  Talk with your classmates and get to know them, especially girls in other grades.  I developed some amazing friendships in the newsroom that I will forever be grateful for.  Always do your edits as soon as you can so you don’t hold up the process.  Creative graphics are sometimes the key to a great article.  Treasure each moment that you have in the newsroom.  There are days where I took my time in the newsroom for granted and now I wish I could turn back time and relive some of the highlights of publishing a quick turn around article, interviewing brilliant and interesting people, and ringing the gong (objectively one of my favorite parts of the KSC).”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Ms. Morgan Johnson ’17, former Co-Editor-in-Chief, for her contributions.