KSC Alumna Spotlight – Ms. Anna Phillips ’15

What is the most important skill that you learned during your time on the KSC Staff?

“The most important skill I learned on the KSC Staff was paying attention to detail and factual accuracy.  I remember Ms. Larson placed a huge emphasis on the details – making sure every article included proper sourcing, correct titles for people, correct spelling of names, and so on.  This admittedly seemed tedious at the time.  However, having such a strong foundation with these details has proven to be invaluable as a journalist.  Especially in the era of fake news, factual accuracy is increasingly crucial.  One error, however minor, can discredit your entire story.  Something as trivial as a misspelled name or incorrect date can cause people to question your integrity as a journalist.  While pitching stories, interviewing people, and writing are also essential skills, factual accuracy is the backbone of all journalism.  While it is not the most exciting part about being a journalist, it is arguably the most important, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn that while on the KSC Staff.”

How have you continued your interest in journalism after graduating from Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“After graduating from Sacred Heart, I went to the University of Virginia and majored in Media Studies.  My first job after college was at CBS News, working as a Fact Checker for CBS This Morning.  I had never envisioned myself working at a television network, as I have always been more interested in writing and podcasts.  However, it was an incredible experience working in a national newsroom alongside such talented journalists.  Next, I worked at The Meteor, a newly formed feminist media collective dedicated to promoting gender and racial equality.  I worked as an Associate Producer on their 30 Days Till Tomorrow Campaign, a campaign aimed at shedding light on voter suppression and increasing voter turnout in the 2020 Presidential Election.  I helped produce a series of 30 online videos leading up to the election.  Working at The Meteor was an incredible experience.  It was great to be involved with something that had an impact on such a pivotal election.  I also loved getting experience on an innovative digital project that took advantage of the increasingly important role of social media in the journalism landscape.  Currently, I am working as a Digital Editor at Wonderlust, an online travel and arts magazine.  While I enjoyed working in television and video production, it’s great to be back writing again.  Most recently, I was just accepted into Columbia Journalism School.  I’ll be doing their one-year M.S. program starting in the fall.  I am very excited for the program and thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my journalism education.”

What piece of advice would you give to the current and future KSC Staff?

“My piece of advice for the KSC Staff would be to seize all opportunities available to you.  While you’re at Sacred Heart and, later on, in college, there are an incredible number of resources at your disposal.  It can be easy to take these resources for granted, but they won’t always be available to you.  From video equipment to a full library to computer software to quality teachers, you have so many opportunities to learn, and the number of opportunities grows even more once you’re in college.  Take advantage of that.  If you’re looking to become a journalist and think you want to focus on writing, for example, still go out of your way to learn how to produce videos, how to record audio, how to edit photos, etc.  There’s no way to know if you like something until you try it.  So, take time to explore subjects and skills that you may not initially be interested in.  My three jobs since college have been drastically different – a national broadcast network, an online video campaign, and a magazine.  While they haven’t all aligned perfectly with my interests, I really enjoyed each one for different reasons.  Even though I initially did not want to work in television, I ended up loving my job at CBS, so I’m really happy I gave it a chance.  In high school and college, you have the chance to try out so many different things, so take advantage of that while you can.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks Ms. Anna Phillips ’15, former Content Editor, for her contributions.