Confessions of the Class of 2023


Caterina Pye '23

Sinclair Noonan ’23 confesses her sins before the end of the school year.

When we went to Selma, we bought a baseball at the Braves game and tricked Mrs. Bader into thinking we caught a game ball, and to this day, she doesn’t know it was a prank.

I once stole a psych-up off of someone’s locker because I was hungry.  I do feel guilty.

I hate bananas.

I once called Mrs. Bader “mom” in class by accident.

During tech week, I fell asleep in English class and then made a joke about it later, not realizing that my teacher was sitting behind me.  She laughed and said that I looked tired, so she didn’t want to wake me up.

Every time I pass by the bell rope and no one is in the hallway, I pull the rope as hard as I can.

I fractured my ankle in three different places playing four square in 6th grade and told everyone that I just tripped down the stairs because it was so embarrassing.

I was driving on Putnam Ave with my windows down, blasting Kiss by Lil Peep, when all of a sudden, Mr. Favata appears in the lane next to me in his black Audi and says, “Hello miss ____, I miss you so much!! How are things going?” and we ended up having a conversation at the red light.  I can’t imagine what he was thinking about my music taste. 

When I was new freshman year, one week into school, my “boyfriend” broke up with me, and Miss Pan found me crying.  Two years later, the same thing happened junior year but with a new boyfriend.  She’s really been there through it all!

I once called Señora García “mama” in class by accident.

I witnessed one of the nicest girls in our class absolutely body/tackle someone during senior assassin, and it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Daphne Hartch’s magic tricks were the best part of junior year ethics, and I know Mrs. Bader would agree with that statement.

I regifted 50 percent of my psych ups all throughout high school because I would always forget my own.

I keep forgetting to return my ice uniform.  Miss Sullivan, I’m sorry.

I accidentally came to the first day of junior year with a pink backpack because it was the first thing I found.  I forgot the senior color was pink.  I ended up putting my things in a grocery bag and walking around with that all day.

During quarantine, I joined a Zoom class with my best friend’s face as my background, and I couldn’t get it off.  Dr. Lillo was horrified.

I roll my skirt three times every day.  Unfortunately, this means I cannot use my skirt pocket.

Featured Image by Caterina Pye ’23