“Humans of the Sacred Heart” the Class of 2023 over the years


Over the years, the King Street Chronicle has featured many students of the Class of 2023 in its weekly column “Humans of Sacred Heart.”  Here is a compilation of members of the senior class featured in “Humans of Sacred Heart” in previous years.

Olivia Caponiti ’23

Why did you decide to run for student council?

“I decided to run for student council because this school and its community have given me so much over the past 12 years, and I wanted to give back.  I love my grade and want to make this year the best possible for everyone.  I was also president last year in eighth grade, and I really enjoyed it, and I feel as though I have a lot of experience and important qualities to bring to the table.”

Kass Morrow ’23

What do you enjoy most about participating in this Christmas show?

“The thing I enjoy the most about the show is the people I do it with and the smiles and reactions from the audience.  It is so gratifying to see the many hours of hard work pay off during each performance, and amazing to know that the show is making so many people smile.  It takes a lot of work to run a show, and it is so amazing to see all of the work pay off.  In community theater, the people are a huge part of the experience.  The people involved in this show are so amazing, talented, and kind, and they constantly remind me what theater is all about.”

Alexandra Bastone ’23

What do you enjoy most about being on the Sacred Heart Greenwich swim team?

“My favorite aspect of being part of the Sacred Heart swim team is being able to create friendships with girls from different grades because I am one of the two freshmen on the team, and having the chance to bond with girls from the Upper School is so fun.  We all have such a great time together in and out of the pool.”

Jenny Di Capua ’23

What are your responsibilities as a Student Community Service Ambassador? 

“My responsibilities as a Student Community Service Ambassador include brainstorming and discussing new ideas for community outreach for each month’s specific service theme, meeting regularly with Mrs. Bader and the other Student Ambassadors to create a schedule for upcoming service events, and reviewing the discussion points for our Upper School advisory groups so that students are given adequate information about the service initiatives taking place each month.  I am also responsible for making collection bins for donations and organizing “civvies days” so that Upper School students can participate in the service projects while at school.  Secondly, I am the liaison between Mrs. Bader and tenth-grade students.  I communicate directly with Mrs. Bader about upcoming service events and then communicate all the information to my classmates.  Of course, when anyone has a question regarding the service project, I am always happy to speak with that student and answer any questions or concerns.”

Gigi Gazal ’23

Why do you believe it is important to promote open political discourse among students?

“I think it is important to promote an open political discourse amongst students because it is crucial for us to hear issues from other people’s points of view in order to better understand their perspectives and opinion.  This allows students to rethink their own opinions.”

Molly Kriskey ’23

What is your favorite part of participating in the musical? 

“My favorite part about participating in the musical is the people.  I have always loved music and performing, but my love has grown over the past years because of the theatre department here.  The teachers and students that are a part of our Sacred Heart Theatre family are the most kind-hearted, genuine, and hardworking individuals I have met.  Everyone is supportive of one another, which encourages us to take risks as performers and help each other grow, and I always look forward to rehearsal, whether in person or online.”

Lulu Caruso ’23

Why do you think donating is important, both during and after the holiday season? 

“I believe that donating is important, both during and after the holiday season, because it instills a sense of hope and belonging to the underprivileged people who do not necessarily have a community.  I also feel like there is a strong connection between you and the person or persons you are giving back to, which lasts a lifetime.  Even just a small donation to people who need it most can brighten their day and, even more so, make you happy.  Christmas time, for most, is a time of giving.  When donating, personally, I feel good about myself, knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life.”

Charlotte Gannon ’23

Why did you start the hockey program at Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“I started the hockey program at Sacred Heart Greenwich mainly because I wanted to share my love for the sport with our community.  I have been playing hockey ever since I was in Kindergarten, so it is a huge part of my life.  When I came to Sacred Heart in eighth grade, I wanted to give other students the opportunity to play this amazing sport.  On a more serious note, although I have been playing hockey for a long time, my experience with the sport was not easy, especially being female.  I slowly learned that despite ice hockey’s popularity, for girls, the sport is very difficult to access.  There are fewer opportunities for girls to play, as well as less of a professional network.  I thought that starting a team at Sacred Heart would be a small way I can make a difference in the women’s ice hockey community as well as offer more access to players in our community.”

Kate Nemec ’23

Why is the theme of reimagining healthcare important?

“The theme for the 2022 OMS conference, reimagining healthcare, addresses important advancements in healthcare, including how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the medical field through technological advancements, like eConsults.  The reimagining healthcare theme [aligns] with the need to improve healthcare accessibility by narrowing the gap in patient care in underprivileged populations.  Healthcare is constantly evolving, facilitating the need for innovation and improvement, which is why the OMS team wants to promote the new ways in which humans are transforming the idea of modern medicine and patient care.”

Laura O’Connor ’23

What makes the father-daughter dance so special?

“I think what makes the father-daughter dance so special is that it is a night for just the dads and daughters.  This dance is especially special because it is a Sacred Heart tradition, and it is something I look forward to every year.  Also, this dinner dance is uniquely Sacred Heart, and because it is something you will only experience at Sacred Heart, it makes it more meaningful and memorable.”

Katie May ’23

How can students educate themselves on international affairs while still in high school?

“I believe that the most important step to take as a high school student who is interested in international affairs is to consistently read the news, especially to get a solid grasp of current news from multiple sources in order to filter out bias.  When people regularly inform themselves about recent events, they are able to become more active members of international conversations and escape ignorance of global issues.  I also think that asking questions and having the curiosity to read books, watch the news, and attend lectures greatly increases our participation and awareness of international affairs while in high school.”

Vivi Caruso ’23

Why did you join the Women in Leadership Club? 

“My friend and current co-head, Jenny Di Capua, started the Women in Leadership Club last year.  I decided to join the club to learn more about the struggles women experience in work and academic fields.  I really enjoyed the lectures given, which prompted me to become co-head of the club this year.”

Martina Bernal ’23

What is your favorite aspect of the Barat Foundation?

“My favorite aspect of the Barat Foundation would have to be how it enables Sacred Heart to aid communities beyond local grounds with grants to supply real needs.  The fact that it is student-run allows many new organizations to receive aid since students have links to organizations the school may have never heard of.  For example, by connecting my school to international organizations for the first time, like WithMyOwnTwoHands, Fundación Nuestro Hogar, Fundación Mi Lucha, and more, I feel as though I somewhat transformed the face and purpose of Barat from a locally based foundation to an international organization.”

Anne Finn ’23

What advice would you give to future Vice Presidents?

“Advice I would give future Vice Presidents would be to listen.  As a student council member, I’ve learned that a big part of the responsibility is to listen to fellow student council members and peers for their suggestions.  Everyone has excellent ideas for the school year, so I think it’s the Vice President’s job to take those ideas and bring them to the broader student council meetings.  Additionally, I think a part of the position is offering help to other student council members to ensure the school year runs smoothly.  I advise future Vice Presidents to listen to others and be confident in themselves.”

Catherine Dodman ’23

Why is this period of Lent vital to you?

“This period of Lent is essential to me because it is a time that other Catholics and I prepare for Easter.  We do so by giving up something or participating in acts of kindness as a way to reflect as Easter approaches.”

Lauren Drummey ’23

Why do you think it is vital for students to get involved in activities such as the Midnight Run?

“I think it is vital for students to get involved in activities such as the Midnight Run to grasp the fact that there is a less fortunate world out there that relies on us.  As students at Sacred Heart, we are very fortunate to be provided warmth, food, clothing, and toiletries every day.  Most of us do not think twice about eating meals every day.  Thus, it is important to not take things for granted and give back when you can.”

Zara Black ’23

What will you miss most about the Student Council next year?

“I think I will miss the people and environment that can be found throughout the entirety of the Student Council.  I loved being a part of a group of students who share such a passion for planning events that will bring smiles, laughs, and joy to each student at Sacred Heart.  Whether we were discussing spirit week themes, school dancesHomecoming, or Congé, each girl on the Student Council brought a unique perspective and list of ideas that contributed to the collaborative environment.  I am excited to see more students take on these Student Council positions as they play a pivotal role in student and school-wide events.”

Katie May ’23

How long have you been attending Sacred Heart Greenwich, and what will you miss the most about Sacred Heart?

“I have been attending Sacred Heart since ninth grade, and I will miss the community of friends, faculty, and staff that Sacred Heart has been able to foster.  Every day I am so excited to come to school, and I will miss having such a supportive and energetic community around me.  Coming to Sacred Heart was the best decision I ever made, and I will forever talk about how my four years here have made me a better person.”

Nadia Borja ’23

How long have you been attending Sacred Heart Greenwich, and what will you miss the most about Sacred Heart?

“After five years at Sacred Heart, no goodbye will be easy.  Every member of the Sacred Heart community is exceptional, and I will deeply miss all the students, teachers, and staff members who make this school so special.  I can’t think of anything more impactful than spending my formative years in an all-girls environment, where I’ve been constantly supported and inspired by incredible young women.  As I embark upon the next stage of my academic and personal journey, I feel more grateful than ever for the unique gift of a Sacred Heart education, which I will carry with me throughout college and beyond.”

Kenza Aissaoui ’23

How has your Sacred Heart experience prepared you for the rest of your academic career?

“I truly believe that my Sacred Heart experience has prepared me for the rest of my academic career in the way that I have learned so much about what I enjoy studying, clubs I enjoy being a part of, and of course, most of all how to manage my time.”

Nouha Aissaoui ’23

How do you expect attending the same university as your twin will affect your college experience?

“As for attending the same university as my twin, I think it will be a wonderful experience to have a built-in support system and someone to navigate college with.”

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24